The objective of the company for the coming years is to consolidate the Brazilian market and expand to Latin America and the USA.

Sky.One Sky.One company specialized in the development of platforms that automate and facilitate the use of cloud computing and the migration of systems to the cloud, announces a contribution of resources in the amount of R$ 22.5 million. The investment was made by the Invest Tech manager, focused on Venture Capital and Private Equity funds for innovative companies, through the Capital Tech II fund.

Founded in 2014, Sky.One now has more than a thousand customers, including national and global companies, who are increasingly choosing to migrate their systems to cloud computing technology, seeking cost reduction, agility and security of their corporate data and information. With the resources obtained from the Invest Tech manager, Sky.One 's objective now is to consolidate itself in the Brazilian market and accelerate the internationalization process, mainly targeting Latin America and the USA.

Investing in technological evolution is also in the plans, as it is crucial to allocate resources to R&D for Sky.One to keep up to date in such a dynamic and competitive market. The contribution received also gives the company conditions to evaluate possible acquisitions of companies that make sense in Sky.One 's growth strategy.

It was factors such as innovation and business consistency that led Invest Tech to look for Sky.One . “After an in-depth analysis of the cloud environments sector, we saw in Sky.One a high growth potential in an underexplored market in Brazil and internationally. In addition to a high quality product, an experienced team and relevant partnerships, we see Sky.One as a differentiated and complete value proposition, being able not only to perform virtualization, but the 'SaaSification' of software - making the business model of its clients in a profitable and sustainable way”, evaluates the CEO of Invest Tech, Maurício Lima.

The platform developed by Sky.One on Amazon Web Service (AWS) facilitates access to the cloud by enabling software providers and management systems to migrate their products to the cloud in a fast and automated way and thus be able to offer them to the market without loss of time or customizations.

It was with this positioning that Sky.One registered growth of 300% per year since its creation. Currently, the company has more than 300 partnerships signed, which include the largest software developers and also system suppliers that serve specific market niches, such as Food, Construction, Agribusiness, Accounting, Textile, Transport, Retail, etc. Sky.One has several successful cases in cloud migration of SAP systems, Totvs, Thomson Reuters, BgmRodotec, among many others.

“In Brazil we still have a lot of potential for growth. We want to reach 500 software supplier partners, expand the relationship with current partners and thus win new customers. As the path to the cloud and to the SaaS (Software as a Service) model is irreversible, we still have a long way to go in the national market, reaching companies of the most diverse sizes and areas of activity. Regarding international expansion, we are already present in the US and in other countries and we will accelerate the internationalization process. Sky.One 's target for 2018 is to double growth over the previous year. The investment obtained from the Capital Tech II fund came at the right time for this expansion”, says Ricardo Brandão, CEO and one of the founding partners of Sky.One .


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