Skyone and Reunidas: cloud expanding possibilities

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Grupo Reunidas migrated some of its main systems to the cloud and made work easier in all of its more than 30 locations. Because they work 24 hours and 7 days a week, they cannot keep their systems offline. With Skyone Cloud Computing, this problem is over.

Gathered Group

Reunidas has been transporting people and shortening distances for 72 years. The company started its work in 1950 in the state of Santa Catarina with the desire to transport people and make the long distances that separated them shorter, looking for something visionary to unite, gather and bring people together. More than customers, they knew they were participating in stories created and recreated through new paths. During all the kilometers and years traveled, the Reunidas Group was inspired by people and their dreams to connect tradition to the future through innovation.  

Today, with Reunidas Passagens, Cargas, Express e Turismo, the company is already the largest in the transport sector in Santa Catarina and one of the 10 largest in the country. Promoting meetings and shortening distances in more than 100 cities, the company renews itself and seeks continuous improvement.


The company is present in several cities with units spread across different locations and, as it has been in the market for a few years, all its work was done with local servers until 2015. However, with time and the modernization of both the company and the offer of services that collaborated for the expansion of the company, in addition to offering support for their services, they started to use ERP Globus. For a smooth operation, the cloud was necessary so that the data and files were concentrated in a space that united its branches.

With over 30 different locales, work was complicated with local servers. The required internal structure was too big, the control was too big, the IT team needed to be specific, the internal structure needed to be very robust and the high costs were a separate issue! When doing the math, they realized that all of this was unfeasible.  

When we entered with Globus, we also entered with TMS along with cargo and we saw that it was more advantageous. From the moment we started using the cloud, everything else we could migrate to the cloud, we did. Mônica Cofférri – IT Coordinator Grupo Reunidas S/A

To control internal servers, they needed a team focused on just that. In other words, they couldn't get the IT team to focus on what matters most, the company's business!  

Another challenging point was the unavailability of the systems. When a failure occurred in one of the servers, it took up to 2 days to resume operations. The company's cargo part works 24 hours a day and cannot stop, and if the system did not work, the impact was relevant, since the truck could not leave and the financial loss was great.  

Skyone Autosky Solution

From north to south, the company is in virtually every state and, often, in more than one city per state. For the work to work, they used a lot of VPM, tried to create internal applications with local installations, servers that centralized the data and were sub-central.

Therefore, they decided to migrate their systems and the cloud was the chosen solution, several of their problems no longer existed. As they work online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they needed a solution that could meet this demand and support the loads. Another point was support, with a cloud infrastructure all needs are the responsibility of the Cloud team, making it easier for the company to focus on its own business, finding what it needs in Skyone Autosky.

Apart from servers, solutions and systems, we hardly need an internal team providing support. And with that, we gain a lot: time, more practical day-to-day tools, employee performance that they can access without loss of productivity. So that was really cool. From the moment we started using the cloud, we realized that this is much more worthwhile. Mônica Cofférri – IT Coordinator Grupo Reunidas S/A

Today, if Skyone does not have the solution immediately, simply migrate in the cloud to another server and everything continues to work normally, as Skyone Autosky allows this flexibility and diverse possibilities of use. 


The results were beyond what the company expected! In addition to the practicality and availability, one of the highlights was the team's support, always available to help with any question.  

The convenience, the ease within IT, there is none. From the support, today you provide all the support, in record time. There was a day when I needed a release of an IP on a machine, of webservices and I needed it now. I didn't have time to call the person on my team, they already answered that the IP was released' I opened the call, it didn't take 5 minutes, they already answered me. Mônica Cofférri – IT Coordinator Grupo Reunidas S/A

With the cloud, the data became centralized, no longer needing to have centers with physical infrastructure for the branches, in addition to making all data available to everyone.

In addition, savings on server licenses, energy, support, updates, infrastructure and specific staff have been eliminated so that Reunidas can focus on what matters most: the business! 

The results were so satisfactory that after a while they migrated other internal services with Skyone Autosky .

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