Who we are

Who we are

We are a technology company that offers the software market several service platforms that transform its management systems, from the evolution from the cloud to the expansion of services, creating, more and more, innovative experiences that increase the value of your system and your customers’ experience.

  • + 1000 customers
  • + 300 homologated applications
  • + 5000 managed servers per day
What we do

What we do

Customers and partners say that working with Sky.One is like having a GPS, being guided by experts to follow the best path, avoid accidents and discover new shortcuts.

Whether your company is on a cloud migration journey or looking for products and services, we help you continue your business by reducing risks and costs.

Who we do it for

Who we do it for

We help small and medium ERP software suppliers to gain effective competitiveness against large players.

We are always innovating with products and services in order to meet the needs of the Corporate World that consume ERP Software.

Cloud technology to modernize your systems

Cloud technology to modernize your systems

Together, we are going on a journey to the cloud with innovative technology that modernizes your solutions, optimizing your results and always being ahead when it comes to digital transformation.

  • Discover the best solutions for your company: from migration to the cloud to the integration of new services to ERP, learn how we can help your business.
  • Become a Sky.One partner: walk your ERP evolution with the migration to the cloud quickly, open up to simple integrations and add more value to your customers.

More than 1.000 companies from different segments and countries have trusted Sky.One to digitally transform their business.

Our Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Cloud as the basis for
business innovation

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How we help companies:

  • Access software online
  • Security and LGPD
  • Cost reduction and optimization (TCO)
  • Migration and support services for cloud environments

Solutions for Software Suppliers

The future of software suppliers goes through the cloud

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How we help software suppliers:

  • Distribution of desktop software such as SaaS
  • Cloud client management
  • Go-to-market support


Sky.One Solutions!

Cloud technology to modernize your system

Sky.One is adding value to its products and services, with several technological fronts that deliver exclusive services and benefits to its partners and customers, making them increasingly connected with the digital transformation.