1. Sky.one Technology in SA software

Registered with the CNPJ/MF under No. 19.093.204/0001-42, headquartered at Avenida das Nações Unidas, No. 12.399, 14th floor, Brooklin Novo, city and state of São Paulo, CEP 04578-000, represented in the form of its articles of incorporation, hereinafter designated “ SKY.ONE ”

2. User

As defined below, with the purpose of regulating the provision of SaaS services specified throughout these T&C, by SKY.ONE to the User.

3. Terms and Preliminaries

    • 3.1.1. SKY.ONE , a company that works with systems migration platforms to the cloud, systems integration, cybersecurity and financial services, has developed a multichannel technological platform that connects the USER to the business and which is made up of several products and functionalities, hereinafter “ INTEGRA.SKY Platform”
    • 3.1.2. The USER wishes to use one of the products offered by SKY.ONE , on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.
    • 3.1.3. By clicking on the “I AGREE” field, or signing the respective COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL, the USER will be expressing broad, unrestricted and irrevocable acceptance of all terms, clauses and conditions of the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE INTEGRA.SKY PLATFORM – T&C”, reason for which SKY.ONE . recommends that, before expressing agreement, the USER carefully reads this term.
      • 3.1.4. If you have any questions about any provision of these T&C, please contact us via email


      The entire SKY.ONE team will be entirely available for clarification regarding these T&C.
    • 3.1.5. The USER declares and guarantees, for any and all purposes, its legal agreement to these T&C and that it has the capacity and powers to do so.
    • 3.1.6. If the USER does not agree with these T&C, the INTEGRA.SKY Platform cannot be used under any circumstances. Release of use is conditional on agreement with these T&C.

4. Definitions

As defined below, with the purpose of regulating the provision of SaaS services specified throughout these T&C, by SKY.ONE to the User.

API (Application Programming Interface): computational interface that defines the interactions between the various intermediary software . It defines the types of “requests” that can be made, how to make them, the data formats that must be used, the conventions, among others;

ERP: "Enterprise Resource Planning" or integrated management system and is the software that helps companies to control and improve internal processes, integrating the activities of different sectors, such as sales, finance, inventory and human resources;

iPaaS: is a set of cloud services that enable the development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of local and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within an individual or across multiple organizations.

SaaS ( Software as a Service): Software as a Service, that is, a technology solution that is offered as a final closed solution in the form made available, and can be provided and changed according to SKY.ONE 's convenience, resources and opportunity, without consisting of breach of contract or loss of its object;

Software : is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate computers and perform specific tasks. It is the opposite of hardware, which describes the physical aspects of a computer. Software is a generic term used to refer to applications, scripts and programs that run on a device;

T&C: comprises not only these Terms and Conditions of Use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, as well as all other policies and related documents published on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform or that may be created in the future and which are linked to the use of INTEGRA.SKY and/or SKY.ONE 's partners, within the scope of INTEGRA.SKY , which govern the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform; and

User: means any and all legal or natural persons identified when completing the “REGISTER” form, available on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, data that is personal and non-transferable and is presumed to be true for all legal purposes and effects, responding exclusively and directly the USER, for such veracity. In addition, the USER must choose a login and password that will be the personal and non-transferable identification of each USER.

5. Skyone Data Platform

5.1 License, implementations and features

    • 5.1.1. In accordance with these Terms, SKY.ONE grants the USER a personal, non-transferable, non-assignable and exclusive license to use the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.
    • 5.1.2. The INTEGRA.SKY Platform is an iPaaS developed to connect cloud, SaaS or legacy systems using modern architectures with the aim of simplifying user access, connecting Software through APIs developed in a simple and secure way.
    • 5.1.3. SKY.ONE is not the developer of any of the Software , being exclusively responsible for the development of integrations and the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.
    • 5.1.4. SKY.ONE will be authorized by the USER to carry out analysis, research, technical administration, improvement and/or development of the tools necessary to improve the experience on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and evaluate new Software that may be of interest to the user.
    • 5.1.5. This T&C is not conditioned in any way to the launch or implementation of any functionality, new Software , design, layout or 'look and feel' on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform at the request of any user, however, it will guarantee the perfect functioning of the Platform according to the SLA.
    • 5.1.6. The INTEGRA.SKY Platform has an indefinite term, with SKY.ONE reserving the right, at its sole discretion, to definitively deactivate the INTEGRA.SKY Platform or temporarily suspend its use, as well as change and/or withdraw Software , modify integrations and close the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, without the user having any right of complaint or compensation of any nature. SKY.ONE will communicate at least 90 (ninety) days in advance, via the INTEGRA.SKY Platform or via the registered USER's email, any of these actions it intends to carry out.
    • 5.1.7. The INTEGRA.SKY Platform is presented as available and may undergo constant improvements and updates.

5.2 User registration

    • 5.2.1. The USER must register on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform by completing the registration form fields with the information required by SKY.ONE . Registrations with irregular, incomplete and/or untrue information will be discarded. In addition, you must provide credit card details so that the monthly amounts for the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform can be debited.
    • 5.2.2. The USER undertakes to keep their registration updated or whenever requested by SKY.ONE .
    • 5.2.3. The USER will be responsible, in all cases, for the veracity, regularity and authenticity of any and all personal data and other information entered on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and/or in any way presented to SKY.ONE , being solely and exclusively responsible to SKY.ONE , third parties and/or competent authorities.
    • 5.2.4. SKY.ONE may, at its sole discretion, refuse any request or registration request, as well as cancel a previously approved USER registration, after 30 (thirty) days prior communication to the USER about the cancellation and explaining the reasons for its decision , offering the USER the possibility to make the appropriate corrections if necessary. The USER will not be entitled to compensation or compensation of any nature if SKY.ONE chooses to maintain the refusal or cancellation.
    • 5.2.5. The USER or registration name may not use offensive names and/or violate the rights of third parties, especially trademarks, domain names or any other rights relating to the intellectual property of SKY.ONE , other USERS or third parties.
    • 5.2.6. The USER's registration on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform corresponds to their express consent to the rules and policies established by SKY.ONE , partners and licensors and expressly authorizes SKY.ONE to provide information of any nature to any competent authority, if they request it by appropriate means and in accordance with the law.
    • 5.2.7. SKY.ONE may, at its sole discretion, refuse any registration request by the USER on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, as well as suspend a previously approved registration, which is in disagreement with the policies and rules of these T&C, provided that there is prior communication of 30 (thirty) days to the USER, providing the USER with the opportunity during this period to adapt to the Platform's policies.
    • 5.2.8. The approval of the USER's registration and the activation of a USER on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform does not imply the recognition of any right or exclusivity to the USER by SKY.ONE , which may cancel the USER's registration at any time, as long as there is a reason for this and prior communication of at least 30 (thirty) days, and especially in cases where there is a complaint, by third parties, about irregularities of any nature, the USER is not entitled to any right to compensation or reimbursement of any nature .

5.3 Account use

    • 5.3.1. The USER will have access to the account upon registration. The access password will be chosen by the USER and is known exclusively by the USER, and its disclosure is prohibited. The account is personal, unique and non-transferable; and the USER is prohibited from having more than one account on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform. Under no circumstances will the assignment, sale, rental or other form of transfer of the account be permitted.
    • 5.3.2. No approval will be granted for more than one registration to the same USER, or the granting of new registrations to USERS who have been suspended or definitively deactivated due to legal infractions and/or SKY.ONE policies. SKY.ONE reserves the right to cancel, suspend or deactivate accounts that contain coinciding or related data, after 30 (thirty) days prior communication to the USER about the cancellation and explaining the reasons for its decision, which is not the responsibility of the USER any right to compensation or compensation of any nature.
    • 5.3.3. The USER is exclusively responsible for all operations carried out on his account and the acts of the people who authorize access and use of his account. The USER undertakes to notify SKY.ONE immediately if he becomes aware of any unauthorized use or access to his account.

5.4 User Cancellation and/or Suspension

    • 5.4.1. SKY.ONE will immediately cancel the registration of a USER who violates the rights of third parties, current legislation, public order and/or any of the provisions established in these T&C, as well as in cases where the exercise of fraudulent activity is suspected or detected. , misleading, unusual, misleading and/or that causes or may cause harm to SKY.ONE and/or third parties.
    • 5.4.2. The USER who does not meet the criteria and requirements established in these T&C will have their access immediately suspended on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, temporarily or permanently, without prejudice to the application of the penalties defined in these T&C, the sending of communication to the competent authorities, as well as the charging of eventual losses and damages, including indirect damages, moral damages and loss of profits, which will be determined in court.

5.5 User obligations

    • 5.5.1. The USER will be exclusively responsible for collecting all taxes levied on their activities, in compliance with the provisions of these T&C and other related policies and documents published on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform or that may be created in the future, being also obliged to issue invoice, as applicable.
    • 5.5.2. The USER will be obliged to comply with current legislation, especially consumer legislation and data protection legislation.
    • 5.5.3. The USER will be obliged to make the payments due for the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, the Software and other products and/or services purchased and made available by SKY.ONE .
    • 5.5.4. The USER will be responsible for the suitability, form, origin, legality and content of the data entered, maintained or processed through the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, being responsible for any damage, violation or failure resulting from non-compliance with the provisions of these T&C, before SKY.ONE or towards third parties.

5.6 General rules

      • 5.6.1. SKY.ONE may change, at any time and without the user's prior authorization, the terms of this T&C. SKY.ONE will inform the user, via the registered email and on the Skyone Data Platform, about the change in the T&C, without exempting the USER from being responsible for periodically checking the document associated with the link to this T&C containing the date of the last update. If the USER does not agree with the changes made, simply close their account and request cancellation of the Skyone Data Platform via email


       to terminate the link with SKY.ONE .
    • 5.6.2. SKY.ONE reserves the right, at any time, to request documents that confirm the veracity and accuracy of the data provided by the USER when registering and/or changing registration, as well as requesting additional data or information whenever understand necessary.
    • 5.6.3. The USER undertakes to use the INTEGRA.SKY Platform in accordance with these T&C and in full compliance with current legislation, public order and other applicable regulations, the USER committing not to use the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, integrations and /or the Software to carry out illegal, fraudulent activities that violate the rights of third parties and/or that violate the intellectual property and copyright of third parties, or any other current regulations.
    • 5.6.4. The USER who violates the provisions defined in these T&C may have their registration suspended or canceled, without prejudice to compensation for possible losses and damages, including indirect damages and lost profits, as well as the search for criminal liability, if applicable.
    • 5.6.5. If SKY.ONE , its partners, any group company, partners or licensors are sued in court or suffer any type of inspection, sanction or investigation by Public Administration bodies, proven to be caused by the USER, the infringing USER will be obliged to compensate in full any and all amounts relating to convictions, settlements, procedural costs and expenses, and also succumbing and legal fees, without prejudice to the costs arising from hiring lawyers to conduct the corresponding defense.
    • 5.6.6. The USER will advise all people who use the INTEGRA.SKY Platform on their behalf that, in the event of supposed malfunction or unexpected behavior of any of the functionalities of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, they must seek assistance through the SERVICE CHANNELS.

5.7 Penalties

    • 5.7.1. Regardless of other measures, SKY.ONE may temporarily suspend or definitively deactivate a USER's account and initiate any action it deems appropriate (i) if the USER violates current law or regulations, as well as any of the provisions of these T&C and other policies and related documents; (ii) if you fail to comply with any obligation as a USER or violate the rights of other USERS and/or third parties; (iii) if the USER engages in willful, fraudulent, misleading and/or misleading conduct or acts, which will be assessed at the sole discretion of SKY.ONE ; (iv) if the USER's identity cannot be verified or if the information entered on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and/or presented to SKY.ONE is found to be untrue and/or false; and/or (v) if SKY.ONE understands that any actions by the USER may cause harm to SKY.ONE , the USER and/or third parties. In the event of suspension or cancellation of a USER's registration, no amounts will be returned or any refunds and/or repairs will be due. In any case, the USER will receive prior communication, with the reasons for suspension or deactivation.

5.8 Sky.one limitation of liability and warranties

    • 5.8.1. SKY.ONE will not be responsible: (i) for acts committed and/or damages proven to be caused to third parties by the USER using the INTEGRA.SKY Platform; (ii) for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages that were not directly caused by SKY.ONE ; (iii) for any failure, fraud or omission proven to have been committed by the USER; (iv) for the USER's failure to comply with these T&C and other related policies and documents; (v) the authenticity and veracity of the information, data and personal documents presented by the USER on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform; (vi) for any difficulty in accessing the INTEGRA.SKY Platform that is not due to a failure attributed exclusively to SKY.ONE ; (vii) for any losses resulting from unauthorized access to or use of any USER's account by third parties; (viii) the USER's behavior while browsing the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and while carrying out transactions and/or purchasing products and/or services made available by SKY.ONE ; (ix) due to system, server or internet failures, errors or inaccuracies in content; (x) for failures in the security and privacy of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, which occurred through no fault of SKY.ONE ; (xi) for losses arising from acts of God and force majeure; (xii) for any demand, action, claim, whether judicial, extrajudicial or of any other consumer nature, relating to brands, designations, patents and intellectual/industrial property and commercial loyalty, both from other USERS and third parties; and/or (xiv) for tax obligations of any nature that are not within its competence, as determined by law.
    • 5.8.2. SKY.ONE is not responsible for incorrect or untrue information, or false documents provided by the USER or submitted in any way to the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and, eventually, passed on to third parties, and is not responsible for any damages caused to any USERS and /or third parties.
    • 5.8.3. SKY.ONE reserves the right to exclude and/or suspend, with 30 (thirty) days prior notice and/or justification, the access and/or registration of any USER who presents excessive problems in their relationships on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform , violation of Brazilian laws, or that are in disagreement with these T&C and other policies and documents linked to it. Suspension and/or exclusion, if it occurs, will not generate any rights of compensation for the USER.
    • 5.8.4. The SKY.ONE technology team will use its best efforts and resources to keep the INTEGRA.SKY Platform fully operational for all USERS. However, SKY.ONE and its employees, directors, partners, licensors and representatives will not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any difficulty in accessing the USER on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, for any temporary interruptions resulting from technical difficulties or maintenance, or for any other reasons related to the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, integrations and Software , which are beyond the control of the SKY.ONE technology team and/or its partners and licensors, as well as for any damages, losses or losses, in any way caused to the USER, by internet failures and by any viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other computer programming routines that may damage, adversely interfere with or be infiltrated into the USER's equipment as a result of access to the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, integrations and Software or as a consequence of the transfer of data, files, images, texts or any other content contained in the computers, devices and/or devices used by the USER to access the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.
    • 5.8.5. SKY.ONE and its employees are dedicated to providing updated and correct information on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, as far as possible, however they are not responsible for any outdated and/or inaccuracy of any information.
    • 5.8.6. SKY.ONE does not guarantee, in any way, the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, integrations and Software in an uninterrupted or error-free manner and is not responsible for any periods of unavailability.
    • 5.8.7. The USER assumes full responsibility towards SKY.ONE and third parties for damages caused as a result of their actions when using the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, integrations and Software , and also due to non-compliance with laws or regulations or for the misuse of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, the licensing integrations, free from any claim and/or liability
    • 5.8.8. SKY.ONE will not be responsible for satisfying or fulfilling the USER's needs and requirements regarding the functionalities, integrations and SOFTWARE S available on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.
    • 5.8.9. SKY.ONE has no obligation to monitor the content or, in any way, control the veracity or legality of the data entered by the USER when using the platform, therefore, SKY.ONE cannot be held responsible for any USER information, including those of an illegal, immoral or unethical nature, perhaps submitted by the USER, and the USER is responsible exclusively for any complaints from third parties or legal demands in this regard.
    • 5.8.10. Under no circumstances and under no circumstances will the sum of SKY.ONE 's responsibilities to the USER or third parties, for losses and damages, lost profits, losses, loss or misplacement of data, defects in computers, equipment and peripherals or compensation, of of any kind and under any title, arising directly or indirectly from this Term, will exceed the amount equivalent to the amounts paid by the USER to SKY.ONE
    • 5.8.11. Except for the express warranties set forth in this Term, SKY.ONE does not make or grant any other warranties, express or implied, with respect to the INTEGRA.SKY Platform or any service provided in accordance with this Term.

5.9 Service level agreement

    • 5.9.1. The SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT regulates the use of the Skyone Platform Skyone Data under the T&C defined between SKY.ONE and the USER. Unless explicitly specified here, this SLA is subject to the T&C. SKY.ONE reserves the right to modify the terms of this SLA, at any time, in accordance with the T&C, with the USER's prior knowledge.
    • 5.9.2.

The SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT or SLA (Service Level Agreement) comprises the technical performance level indicator of the SERVICE provided by Skyone, which is 99.45 for the Skyone Data Platform. As long as the USER observes the obligations defined in the T&C, Skyone has sufficient technical conditions and proposes to maintain, in each calendar month, an SLA in accordance with the Consumption Plan and/or Professional Services purchased.

    1. I
  1. The SLA proposed by Skyone does not represent a reduction in responsibility, being a mere indicator of technical excellence, due to the lack of a full guarantee regarding the level of service.
    1. II
  1. The maximum response time is based on the severity level for each specific case.
    1. III
  1. Skyone will be released from compliance with the SLA, at any level and type of management, in the following cases:
    1. IV
  1. Acts of God or force majeure events that are beyond Skyone's control.
    1. V
  1. Acts of God or force majeure events that are beyond Skyone's control.
    1. SAW
  1. Failures or defects in the USER's equipment and/or irregularities in the respective operation by the USER.
    1. VII
  1. Failures, compatibility problems or defects in products or services contracted by the USER from third parties.
    1. VIII
  1. Interruptions necessary for technical adjustments or maintenance scheduled in advance, which will preferably be carried out when they do not impact use.
    1. IX
  1. Emergency interventions to ensure the security of the Skyone Data Platform, aimed at preventing or stopping the actions of hackers or intended to implement security corrections (patches), under the terms of clause 6.3.
    1. X
  1. Malicious or Denial of Service attacks such as DOS (DOS – Denial of Service).
    1. XI
  1. If the services are temporarily suspended due to non-compliance with any clauses of the T&C or the COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL, this suspension will not be considered for the purpose of verifying compliance or not with the SLA by Skyone.
    1. XII
  1. Interruption of Skyone Data Services: The Skyone Data service can be considered interrupted when the external processing interfaces of an integration flow are unresponsive for a period longer than 3 minutes. Included are incoming interfaces in which the Skyone Data is passive and receives calls, and outgoing interfaces in which the Skyone Data is active and initiates external calls.
    1. XIII
  1. Skyone is committed to making best efforts to make the Skyone Data Platform available at least 99.45% (ninety-nine point forty-five percent) of the monthly time. In the event of delivery of less than committed availability, the USER will be eligible to receive compensation in the form of service credits, as described below, to be used to deduct future payments to SKY.ONE .

6. Indemnities

    • 6.1.1. The USER accepts and waives any right to request SKY.ONE for repairs, reimbursements and/or indemnities of any nature, in relation to any provisions, with the exception of the responsibilities expressly provided for in these T&C, with the USER not being granted any additional guarantee.
    • 6.1.2. The USER undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SKY.ONE , its officers, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, agents, directors, agents, service providers, suppliers and employees with respect to any and all claims, losses, damage, obligation, costs, debts or expenses (including, among others, legal fees and procedural costs) incurred due to: (i) misuse and access of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform; (ii) violation and/or non-compliance with any provisions of this Term; (iii) violation of any third-party right, including, but not limited to, any proprietary or privacy right. This defense and indemnification obligation will survive this Term and the use and/or access of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.

7. Intellectual property

    • 7.1.1. The content found on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform is owned by SKY.ONE or licensed to it, which is subject to intellectual rights in accordance with Brazilian laws and international treaties and conventions to which Brazil is a signatory. For the purposes of these T&C, the contents found on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform include, without limitation, texts, elements, source codes, programming, tools, software , scripts, graphic images, photos, sounds, music, videos, files, icons , designs, layouts, teaching materials, algorithms, interactive and similar resources, brands, service marks, logos, image set, “look and feel”, etc.
    • 7.1.2. The USER does not acquire, through the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and any of the Software , any intellectual property rights or other exclusive rights, including patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights or any rights over confidential information or business secrets, over or related to the Software , the INTEGRA.SKY Platform or part thereof.
    • 7.1.3. The USER is prohibited from copying, selling, reselling, displaying, reproducing, publishing, modifying, creating, transferring, distributing or otherwise commercially exploiting any content made available on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, especially Software and APIs, without the prior written consent of SKY.ONE or the licensors of the respective SKY.ONE content, elements and/or tools, unless otherwise established.
    • 7.1.4. All content made available to the USER on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform is for personal access and use only and may not be passed on, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, adapted or otherwise exploited for any purposes, without the prior written consent of SKY.ONE , unless otherwise established in these T&C.
    • 7.1.5. The USER is aware that any misuse of the material made available on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, especially the Software and integrations, may constitute, in addition to the violation of SKY.ONE 's intellectual property rights, violation of the rights of partners and other third party owners of such rights, with the USER being solely responsible for any compensation for damages and expenses incurred in this regard by SKY.ONE and/or its partners and/or harmed third parties.
    • 7.1.6. The USER may only use SKY.ONE 's name, brand, logo, symbol or image in the media, competitions, bids, own advertising or any other acts or contracts as a reference to the services, with the prior written authorization of SKY.ONE .

8. Confidentiality

    • 8.1.1. All information, within the scope of the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, will be treated as confidential. Any and all disclosures will depend on the express written authorization of the person who disclosed them. Information that: (i) is in the public domain at the time of its disclosure to the receiving party, or that becomes public domain without the latter, its directors, shareholders or quotaholders having contributed to it, will not be considered confidential; (ii) are in the possession of the receiving party, its directors, shareholders or quotaholders at the time of its disclosure to them, provided that such possession, duly documented, is immediately made known to the disclosing party; and (iii) are developed independently by the parties without using the information exchanged within the scope of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.

9. Privacy, protection, custody, processing of data and records

    • 9.1.1. The USER is the holder, owner and controller of their data and will be responsible for any third party data that feeds the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, in any capacity (“Data”).
    • 9.1.2. SKY.ONE undertakes to treat as confidential all Data to which it has access due to compliance with the provisions of these T&C.
    • 9.1.3. SKY.ONE will treat the Data with the same level of security that it treats your confidential data and information.
    • 9.1.4. If information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”) is inserted, processed or transmitted within the scope of the services provided by SKY.ONE to the USER, the USER will be exclusively responsible for collecting the necessary authorizations from the holder of the Data Personal Data as well as for the legitimization of any processing, processing or storage of Personal Data that is carried out by SKY.ONE within the scope of this T&C.
    • 9.1.5. SKY.ONE will monitor, by appropriate means, its own compliance and that of its employees and sub-operators with the respective Data protection obligations, if applicable.
    • 9.1.6. SKY.ONE will not be obliged to process, process or store any USER Data if there is reason to believe that such processing, treatment or storage could result in SKY.ONE violating any applicable law or that the INTEGRA.SKY Platform is being used , at the sole discretion of SKY.ONE , for any illegal purposes or contrary to its policies.
    • 9.1.7. SKY.ONE will make the INTEGRA.SKY Platform available through reasonable effort in compliance with Information Security controls and applicable legislation.
    • 9.1.8. SKY.ONE may record all activities carried out by the USER on the “ INTEGRA.SKY Platform”, including identification data of the USER, the device and the connection used (“Records”), however, these will be stored in the USER’s environment, being responsible The USER is exclusively responsible for managing and controlling such Records in accordance with applicable legislation.
    • 9.1.9. The records may be used for the purpose of: (i) identifying and serving the USER and fulfilling the obligations of this Term; (ii) improve the INTEGRA.SKY Platform; (iii) protect rights and obligations related to the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform; and (iv) comply with court and/or administrative authority orders.
    • 9.1.10. SKY.ONE undertakes, in accordance with the law, to delete all Data that it has access to, within 30 (thirty) days, in cases where: (i) this T&c is terminated; or (iii) upon USER request. SKY.ONE must not keep, store or retain the Data for longer than the legal or necessary period for the performance of the Services, except in the cases described under Law No. 13,709/2018, as amended.
    • 9.1.11. SKY.ONE automatically collects some information during the use of the INTEGRA.SKY Platform, such as characteristics of the access device, browser, Internet Protocol (IP, with date and time), origin of the IP, information about clicks, among others. SKY.ONE may also use some standard technologies to collect USER information, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, in order to improve your experience on the INTEGRA.SKY Platform.
    • 9.1.12. SKY.ONE and the USER undertake to comply with data protection legislation, in particular the provisions of Federal Law no. 13,709/2018 – General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD).

10. Non-exclusivity

    • 10.1.1. SKY.ONE is free to offer the INTEGRA.SKY Platform and its services to any third parties, as well as enter into agreements, contracts and partnerships with any third parties, as it deems appropriate.

11. Severance of the parties and non-solidarity

    • 11.1.1. Under these T&C, no type of company, association, joint venture, agency, consortium, representation mandate or joint liability between the parties will be established for any purpose, nor does this T&C give rise to any operational, managerial link or of any other nature between the parties.
    • 11.1.2. This T&C does not establish, directly or indirectly, any employment relationship, obligation, or responsibility between one party and the other in relation to the professionals that the other party makes available to carry out the purpose of this T&C, being the sole responsibility of each part of all charges arising from legislation in force for its own employees, whether labor, social security, insurance, civil or any other that may be created by Public Bodies, unions and entities representing the categories.

12. Applicable legislation

    • 12.1.1. These T&C will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. The district of the Capital of the State of São Paulo is chosen to resolve any conflicts related to these T&C and related policies, however privileged another forum may appear to be.

13. Service channels

Telephone Contact: (11) 2193-1961 – 24x7x365 service.
Call opening: https://portal.skyone.cloud

Administrative and Financial
Telephone: (11) 2193-1961 – service from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.
Email: finance@skyone.solutions

Telephone Contact: (11) 2193-1961 – service from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.
Email: comercial@skyone.solutions

Last updated on August 17, 2022.