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Skyone Autosky

Have all your client-server applications in the cloud , from infrastructure hosting with database licensing and application virtualization, to cybersecurity management, backups and disaster recovery


Migrate and manage your software to the cloud simply, quickly and securely

Managing your infrastructure doesn’t have to be a burden. We are market-leading experts in migrating all your applications to the cloud – and ensuring that your operation is always up and running. With Skyone Autosky you get:


Access your software from different locations and devices


Additional layers of security for your applications


With cloud software , it is possible to keep system updates up to date in accordance with manufacturers' patches


Your team without worrying about database licensing, operating systems, backup management and infrastructure sizing


Possibility to grow or shrink your operation according to your business needs – and have all updates live in minutes


Your environment deployed and made available in a few days. We have more than 300 types of approved ERPs

About the product

Autosky ’s features

Whether you are a company in any segment or software developer , Skyone Autosky has everything you need to migrate, manage and orchestrate software and cloud servers safely – and without headaches.

One platform

The entire software infrastructure layer delivered on a single platform

Secure data

Backup of 7 calendar days in redundancy

Optimized management

Flexible and robust panel that allows you to create and manage users, define access profiles, audit logs and much more

Constant protection

Extra layer of authentication, anti-malware, brute force attack monitoring, single sign-on, double factor authentication, zero trust, constant vulnerability monitoring

24x7 support

24x7 help in 3 languages ​​from professionals available at any time, certified in the world's main public clouds and with in-depth knowledge of software


Who trusts our expertise

We revolutionize the operation of large companies in all market sectors


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No more wasting time and resources maintaining third-party software infrastructure. Take and manage your software to the cloud simply and quickly

What are the main advantages of Autosky?

It's a complete product to take your software to the cloud. In addition to allowing client-server applications from all programming languages ​​and different databases to be migrated, it provides much more robust security than conventional hosting.

Access is via a web browser, without the need for a VPN, from anywhere in the world.

User access through a web browser is encrypted using the SSL protocol (HTTPS), encrypting user information with a key.

As all software processing is carried out on cloud servers, the user only needs a computer with internet access.

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