The beginning of everything

Transform the way companies consume technology. It was with this mission that 4 longtime friends came together in 2013 to take the first step in Sky.One’s history.

In the beginning, everyone worked in a small coworking in the capital of São Paulo. But the desire to modernize and reinvent business models made the company grow fast, 8 years later, surpassing the mark of 300 employees.

With courage, they followed their convictions and intuitions, because somehow they already knew what the company, still small, could become.


Solutions to make cloud computing uncomplicated

In 2014, the Brazilian market was still standing on the functioning of cloud computing technologies. But when he understood that this was the way for companies to achieve greater efficiency, agility and intelligence, the first customer came in the first year of operation with the help of Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Since then, Sky.One has been understanding the market challenges year by year and delivering tools that modernize the software and allow the reinvention of the business model:

  • 2014

    Auto.Sky platform that simplifies the migration of client-server applications to the cloud, allowing the adoption of a SaaS (Software as a Service) model and experience similar to the most modern applications. Thanks to this solution, a project that lasted months can now be done in just a few hours.
  • 2018
    Cloud Guru a consultancy with specialists to map, structure and implement a mechanism to migrate and optimize complex environments in the cloud. With a certified team of infrastructure, software and development experts, Sky.One is always ready to help with any cloud adoption challenge.
  • 2020
    Integra.Sky an iPaaS that manages all of its integrations through a single, simple and secure connector, meeting the requirements of the LGPD, allowing auditing of all requests and facilitating maintenance.
  • 2020
    Sky.Simple a platform that simplifies the access of management software customers to financial services. We connect the user to several partner financial institutions to make credits available to companies, allowing ERP developers to have their own fintech, with competitive rates, convenience of services and generation of new revenue for their business.

Achievements and awards

Four years after the start of operations, at the beginning of 2018, Invest Tech decided to help Sky.One to go even higher by granting a contribution of 22.5 millions. In 2020 InovaBRA invested more 45 millions! With this resource in hand, they consolidated the company in the Brazilian market and accelerated our internationalization process in the United States and Latin America, with more than 1400 customers.

This was just one of several achievements achieved throughout history:

Sky.One today

The company has grown more than 300% per year in recent periods and, again, the office has become small with so much SkyOwner. Younger people, older people, but with will and determination, and above all, very good mood. The expansion is continuous in the United States, Latin America, and soon, Europe and the rest of the world.


Active customers





Our Sky.One Mission and Values


Transform the way companies consume technology by adding intelligence and agility with tools that modernize the software and allow the reinvention of the business model.


Contribute to an interconnected world through digital transformation.


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