Become a Skyone partner

We believe in the partnership model as the basis for impacting tomorrow with relevance and efficiency. Join us through the Channel Program !

For software manufacturers, technology consultants and resellers

Check out the partnership options that the program offers and find out where your company fits in:


– Uses the Skyone platform and provides managed services at scale;

– Develops applications, adding professional services and managing multiple clients;

– Hire products to integrate into your applications or complement your offers.


– Resells products, provides professional services and implementation;

– Typically associated with projects where Skyone products are the basis for project execution.

Representative (FINDER)

– Prospects, qualifies leads and recommends the Skyone team to make the sale.


– Prospects, qualifies leads and actively participates in closing, billing is handled by Skyone.

We train and differentiate our business partners to generate results

Our program was developed so that your company and Skyone can maximize results, whether by complementing your software or increasing your portfolio. Achieve benefits such as:

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After going through the approval process, whose objective is to validate your business' adherence to Skyone's products and services, your company will be ready to generate value with us!

The objectives of the program

Pay for sales or give discounts on Skyone products
Promote the continuous development of the business partner
Generate new business opportunities for both companies
Provide technical and commercial expertise
Promote competitive evolution


Infinite possibilities.

Everything in life is possibilities!

Skyone is present in all sectors of the economy, acting in the invisible, making technology happen.

We offer productivity with cloud, data, security and marketplace on a single platform. We never stop so that companies from dozens of countries don't stop.

Skyone. A platform. Infinite Possibilities.