Our organizational culture

Doing a greater good, using technology for the benefit of our society and planet We are aware of the value we generate as a company.

Work with us

Our SkyOwners defend and apply the company's values ​​in practice, in addition to using Sky.One 's resources in a conscious and sustainable way. We invest in our people through continuous development and career planning initiatives, in addition to health and wellness programs.

These initiatives earned us, for the 4th consecutive year, awards from the Great Place to Work. Culture is the DNA of any company, and the well-being and success of our SkyOwners is of the utmost importance to us.

Contribute to Society

With the purpose of contributing to the personal and social development of vulnerable children and families, we create projects that will directly help build the future of many families.

To preserve the environment

We invest in initiatives that encourage new, more sustainable and ecological habits, in order to take the expansion of our environmental culture as a constant process from the inside out.

Know our actions

Work with us!

Be part of our SkyOwners team. With a young and innovative environment, we seek to value our professionals, helping them to fulfill their dreams and achieve personal goals!

  • Among the top 15 of the Top Brazilian Startups Ranking on Linkedin

  • Certified at Great Place To Work in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

  • 100% annual growth

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