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SAP S4/HANA Cloud Specialist

S4/HANA cloud infrastructure to us! Our experts range from managing cloud account creation to meticulous administration of logical volumes, ensuring that each element is optimized.


Your management of SAP S4/HANA in the cloud with those who have extensive knowledge in backups, configuration and optimization

In a world where digital agility is the key to operational excellence, your business needs to rely on a strategic partner who specializes in the cloud. With our SAP S4/HANA Cloud Experts you gain:

resource optimization

Infrastructure designed optimally for your needs


Migration of on-premise banks to the cloud, regardless of size. Skyone has already migrated thousands of banks, ranging from a few gigabytes to more than 50 Terabytes!


Your HANA management is carried out by qualified teams, while your internal team focuses 100% on the business

About the service

Discover the services of the SAP S4/HANA Cloud Specialist

Optimize the time of your internal technology team and leave the management of your cloud system to those who are experts on the subject

Multicloud management

100% multicloud service: SAP S4/HANA in all clouds

Costs management

Complete cost management done by Skyone


Management of changes made by GMUD, with approval by both Skyone and the client


Infrastructure designed optimally for specific needs


Migration of on-premise banks to cloud, regardless of size


HANA management by qualified teams


Automatic and monitored backups

24x7 support

24×7 support and monitoring with CPU, memory and disk alarms


Who trusts our expertise

We revolutionize the operation of large companies in all market sectors


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