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Threat Analysis

Maintain the security and integrity of your business operations. With the Threat Analysis , your company continuously assesses the security posture, risks and vulnerabilities of different categories of digital assets, whether external (public) or internal


Those who threaten your safety don't wait until later. The time to protect your business is now!

The growing wave of data breaches and leaks of sensitive information can result in financial, image and trust consequences for your company.
In some cases, these damages are irreparable. With Skyone Threat Analysis you gain:


View vulnerabilities in management dashboards. Detect configuration flaws and risks in your company's technology environments


Have the opportunity to act proactively on risks through alerts and constant monitoring


Comply with the law: adopting security measures for known risks is a LGPD requirement

About the Product

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The shortage of cybersecurity talent and the large number of tools needed for adequate protection make the cybersecurity context increasingly challenging for companies.
Count on someone who is an expert in protecting your business!


On a dashboard configured for you

Exposure Auto Discovery

Search for assets, applications and domains publicly exposed on the internet

External Vulnerability Assessment

Proactively scan for vulnerabilities or zones of weakness to anticipate risks

Web Application Security Assessment

Constant scanning of your applications to anticipate risks and vulnerabilities or areas of weakness

DarkWeb Monitoring

Monitoring darkweb exposure for remediation actions

DNS Zone Monitoring

Search for misconfiguration to mitigate domain spoofing or subdomain theft

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Search for risks and vulnerabilities on internal hosts

Alert Management

Visibility and monitoring of alerts to prioritize resolutions


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