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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Increase the security of your web applications with our WAF , which monitors incoming and outgoing traffic, filtering out malicious requests that may attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. Protect your users' sensitive data against cyber attacks!


Identify and block threats in real time with behavior analysis techniques

The rapidity of technological evolution has brought to light a new generation of cyber threats aimed at web applications. Experienced attackers exploit vulnerabilities looking for weaknesses to exploit. Count on someone who can protect your business! With Web Application Firewall (WAF) you gain:


By implementing a product like WAF, your company remains in compliance with regulations


Using the WAF product, it is possible to identify usage patterns that suggest possible threats or vulnerabilities


The product helps identify and fix vulnerabilities and protects against future attacks

About the Product

Discover the features of Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF uses a variety of techniques to identify and block threats, such as behavior analysis, packet inspection, and blocking malicious IPs.


Control over how traffic reaches your applications

Dynamic traffic

Dynamic traffic routing via domain name system (DNS)


Real-time monitoring and reporting

Security rules

Permission to create security rules that control bot traffic and block common attack patterns


Customization of rules that filter specific traffic patterns (ready-made and custom signatures)


Continuous rule management with attack and response monitoring


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