Salary Transparency Report


Law No. 14,611/2023 (“ Equal Pay Law ”) aims to guarantee equal pay and remuneration criteria between women and men who perform work of equal value or perform the same function.

The regulation of the Equal Pay Law (Decree No. 11,795/2023 and MTE Ordinance No. 3,714/2023) defined that the Salary Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report – created by the Equal Pay Law and which must be published by legal entities under private law with 100 or more employees – would be prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) itself based on information sent by companies through eSocial and the Emprega Brasil Portal.

Based on this, the MTE made available, on March 28, 2024, the reports of each company, based on a methodology developed by the MTE.

The analysis was carried out considering the entire general picture of women and men in each company, without paying attention to particularities arising from hierarchical position, activity performed, effective position, performance, time in the company or role. Therefore, the parameters used by the MTE to prepare our report end up comparing Skyone employees from different positions and who do not perform the same activities, such as, for example, Director of Mergers and Acquisitions and IR, Product Manager, Technical Writer, Analyst Administrative and QA Technical Leader.

The report also presents the proportion of Contractual Median Salary and Effectively Paid Average Remuneration of women and men, segregated by Large Group of Occupations of the Brazilian Classification of Occupations (CBO), replicating the methodology used in the general comparison.

The division of Skyone employees by CBO's Major Occupation Groups also results in the comparison between employees from different hierarchical positions and who perform different activities, such as, for example, Sales Director and Systems Architecture Manager (both in the Directors Group and Managers), Technical Writer and Technical Development Lead (both in the Mid-Level Technicians Group), Financial Analyst and Audit and Process Analyst (both in the Administrative Services Work Group) and Information Security Analyst and Deployment Specialist (both in the Work Group in Operational Activities).

The methodology used by the MTE, therefore, does not take into account the requirements of the Equal Pay Law and the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), since it does not compare women and men who perform work of equal value or perform the same function, as well as not complying with the requirements set out in article 461 of the CLT for equal pay.

Having made these considerations, in compliance with the obligations established by the Equal Pay Law, we make available, at the link below, the report by SKY.ONE TECNOLOGIA EM SOFTWARE SA, prepared by MTE.

According to the MTE, the comparison of salaries and remunerations made in the report was based on the concepts of Contractual Median Salary and Average Effectively Paid Remuneration for the year 2022.

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