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Advanced Backup

Does your company need greater flexibility and autonomy in backups? Our personalized product allows for longer data retention, simplified access and a world of other possibilities for your business!


Customize your backups however and whenever you want

Some companies have regulatory and governance requirements that imply the need to retain data for a longer period of time, with more simplified access to stored data or even a very large volume of invoices issued daily. With Skyone Advanced Backup you get:

Autonomy and flexibility

Customize the frequency of backups to meet specific data recovery needs

Data availability

Backing up across multiple clouds or different accounts increases data resilience, ensuring its availability even in failure scenarios


Continuous data protection ensures that critical information is always protected, regardless of when changes occur

About the Product

Discover the features of Advanced Backup

With Skyone you don't need to have specialized technical resources in backup and still guarantee the best cybersecurity practices applied to your environment


Make multiple incremental backups throughout the day or create weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual backups, according to your needs


Change the retention period for individual backups


Create more than one backup simultaneously, in different clouds or accounts, including on-premises


Access files individually in the backup, without the need to recover the entire snapshot


Use different storage levels


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We revolutionize the operation of large companies in all market sectors


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