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Compliance with LGPD (Brazilian general data protection law)

Comply with the law! Only Skyone offers a complete LGPD (Brazilian general data protection law) compliance methodology that meets the three requirements argued in the legislation: legal , procedural and technological . Know more!


Protect your business from fines and administrative sanctions

The LGPD (Brazilian general data protection law) represents a significant change in the way companies collect and manage data. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt robust security practices, designate data protection officers and ensure that only necessary information is collected and processed. Skyone ’s fitness service you gain:


With the LGPD (Brazilian general data protection law) compliance methodology, all aspects of the law are evaluated to bring your company into compliance with regulations


Improving organizational privacy culture

About the product

Learn about the stages of LGPD (Brazilian general data protection law) Compliance

The Skyone includes a first phase, called “diagnosis”, and a second phase, called “implementation management”.
The work consists of:


Application of methodology

Application of a complete methodology, under the guidance of a specialized team, to meet the requirements of the law


Adequacy of internal processes

Recommendation for adapting internal processes to comply with LGPD (Brazilian general data protection law) regulations


Governance programs

Implementation of personal data governance and organizational information security programs


Specialized support

Carrying out a detailed diagnosis with expert guidance


PDCA Cycle

Third phase of monitoring after completion of adaptation (optional)


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