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Cloud Servers

Today, having only your core software in the cloud is not enough. Rely on our unique expertise to also migrate your servers enabling you to host complementary systems such as BI (business intelligence), process automation, issuance and control of invoices, and much more!


Harness the full power of public clouds with a specialized multicloud team

Public cloud providers continually enhance their platforms. Safely maximizing their potential requires constant updates and guidance from those who understand them best. By migrating your servers with Skyone you gain:

Optimization and Resources

Servers dynamically scaled to meet your needs and seamlessly integrated with other migrated systems


Complete migration to the cloud, including the core system and servers necessary for complementary applications.


Opportunity to explore advanced public cloud services like machine learning and artificial intelligence


Your technology team can focus 100% on your business while we stay update on infrastructure


Multiple regions and availability zones with constant server monitoring


Abillity to scale your operation up or down according to business needs


Use of the latest servers with high-performance processors and disks

About the Product

Explore Cloud Server Migration Features

Migrating your servers to the cloud with us extends your IT architecture with specialized strategic extensions

Multicloud Environments

Servers distributed across multiple public clouds without needing to manage allocation

Freedom of Choice

Free to choose any operating system you wish to use

Optimized Storage

Optimized storage tailored to each application

24/7 Support

24x7 assistance in 3 languages ​​from certified professionals in the world's leading public clouds and deep knowledge of databases


Who trusts our expertise

We revolutionize operations of large companies across all market sectors


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