Dalben Supermercados Network optimizes the shopping experience and streamlines processes with Skyone

The migration to the Cloud brought positive results for the Dalben Supermercados Network, see all the details in this story!
Person in supermarket illustrating the Dalben Supermercados Network business.

From a small grocery store to the large Dalben Supermarket Chain

The Dalben Supermercados Network , with its four stores in the metropolitan region of Campinas and Valinhos, is a vivid example of growth and evolution over the years. Founded as a small grocery store, the company is 49 years old and employs more than 1,500 employees, maintaining relationships with more than 1,000 active suppliers. Over the years, your commitment to customer experience is remarkable! Whether through cutting-edge technology or strategic partnerships with the main players in the industry.

Dalben's initial impulse was in agriculture, when José Dalben and Sérgio Dalben started planting tomatoes on a farm in Campinas. Their success led them to expand into other products, and gradually, they transformed their small business into a grocery store and, later, a supermarket. The first store, located in Bairro Taquaral, in Campina, was the starting point, and since then, the chain has grown and even has the iconic concept store in Valinhos, which is a true reference in the sector.

Migrating to the cloud and choosing digital evolution

The migration to the cloud for Dalben Supermercados happened when the existing local infrastructure was no longer keeping up with the company's growth and needed an update. At this critical moment, the partnership with DB Master, a company specializing in databases, opened the doors for Skyone. Skyone Autosky immediately caught attention, leading Dalben to choose to move to the cloud with the platform.

The advantages of the cloud were clear. In addition to improved security and backup facilities, scalability was a crucial factor. The implementation process was surprisingly simple, with data synchronization and migration taking as long as necessary. The transition was completed without major obstacles or errors, exceeding expectations.

Watch the video of our chat with Fernanda Dalben, Marketing Director at Rede Dalben and Thiago Miguel, IT Manager.

The impact of the cloud on the Dalben Supermercados Network

The migration to the cloud brought significant changes to Dalben. The most affected sectors were commercial, financial, accounting and tax. The salesperson benefited from greater agility, as they were able to access essential information from any of the stores, not just from the head office. Finance, accounting and tax departments have also experienced notable productivity gains. Processes such as generating reports and SPED files have become much more efficient.

The migration also allowed for greater flexibility and scalability. Dalben can now predict and adjust resources according to demand, something that was difficult to accomplish with physical servers. Furthermore, system performance improved significantly, reducing server and workstation costs.

Thiago Miguel, IT Manager at Dalben Supermercados, emphasizes: “The cloud was our best investment in 2023. The change we had was very positive.”

Technological Evolution: boosting the customer experience

For Dalben Supermercados, technological evolution is a key element in meeting the diverse needs of its customers. Each store serves a different audience, and technology allows the company to adapt its services according to these different profiles. A concept store in Valinhos, for example, is supported by a lot of technology to offer an innovative shopping experience for customers.

With more than 16,000 m², the store offers a variety of services and experiences, including a mall of multi-brand stores, gastronomic school, food court, ready-made meals created by local chefs, flower shop, coworking space, drive-thru option for shopping online, taproom, warehouse with products sold in bulk and a cellar with more than 500 wine labels and several interactive panels to facilitate

Fernanda Dalben, Marketing Director at Rede Dalben Supermercados, highlights the role of technology in operational and strategic efficiency:

“Technology improves the shopping experience, streamlines internal processes and allows the company to expand its business. Dalben plans to continue investing in technology to grow as a brand and business.”

Leveraging cybersecurity and extending partnership with Skyone

Recently, Dalben Supermercados signed a contract with Skyone to adopt our cybersecurity module. Customer data security and the growing threat of ransomware attacks were the main drivers of this investment. The company recognizes the importance of protecting its internal and partner data, especially with the integration of its e-commerce.

Dalben Supermercados demonstrates an ongoing commitment to evolving digitally to meet growing market demands and ensure its customers have a safe and efficient experience. The partnership with Skyone continues to play a key role in its digital transformation journey and we are excited to further strengthen this partnership to support this growth.

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