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Supplier Management Portal

Revolutionize the management of your accounts receivable by introducing an intelligent process based on data. Our portal simplifies communication between clients and suppliers, allowing the sharing of crucial information for the management process of your supply chain


Simplify commercial management with your customers in a digital, automated and integrated with your ERP

With the diversity of payment methods, the difference in negotiation deadlines and the possible need for changes in billing, numerous variables arise that those who pay and those who receive need to reconcile. With the Supplier Management Portal, your company facilitates the sharing of information with clients and gains:

Resource Optimization

Eliminate manual work and financial reconciliations, optimize the work of your accounts receivable department and improve customer relationships with a portal fully integrated with the ERP


By receiving information in real time, your company and its clients can consult a complete history of the relationship – and monitor details of all titles

About the product

Discover the features of the Supplier Management Portal

Make communication with your clients extremely efficient and keep everything aligned and with the same information available

Complete view

Complete reports on financial transactions and a detailed view of open and paid securities 


Possibility of downloading title reports

Anticipation of values

Identification and anticipation of values ​​available to the supplier through normal registration, FIDC registration, operations and monitoring

Details and filters

Filters for your supplier to select which drawer you want to advance the securities from, in addition to knowing the maturity date of the title, the original value and the amount to be received

Status view

Monitoring to view the progress of advance approval

Integration with ERPs

Integrated action with the main market management systems to accelerate financial processes


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We revolutionize operations of large companies across all market sectors


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