Nortis and Skyone: The path to a secure IT environment with Skyone and Oracle

The adoption of EDR was a watershed for the Nortis Group, understand how the solution added to the cybersecurity of the group's companies.
Leaders of Brazil

The Nortis Group

Having been in the development market for 7 years, the Nortis Group began its history focused on projects to serve the most upscale regions of the capital of São Paulo, focusing on an upper-class public with exclusivity and innovation. At the same time, Vibra residential also emerged, the group's second company, which has a greater focus on projects aimed at the economic class, with the Minha Casa Minha Vida program.

A reference in the market, the group is in 50th position among the 100 best companies in Brazil in the segment and to keep up with the company's growth, digital evolution needs to go hand in hand!

In this Success Case , we spoke with Gustavo Tonin, IT Manager at the Nortis Group to understand how the Skyone Cybersecurity Module and the Oracle cloud brought improvements to cybersecurity and systems integration within the group's companies.

The larger the company, the more risks of cyber attacks occur

Today, as a reference in the development market, the Nortis group continues to grow rapidly. In conversation, Gustavo said that upon his arrival to take care of the IT department, he realized that the group's cybersecurity solutions showed vulnerabilities.

With your previous experiences, to remedy these vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, the best way was to look for an antivirus tool that met the market's needs. Furthermore, the reduced team made the need to search for a cutting-edge solution even more urgent. However, there were challenges to be overcome, as initially this was not a priority for the group and the budget for this project was reduced.

Transparent and secure implementation process, without system downtime

After evaluation with suppliers, Nortis chose to continue with the Skyone Cybersecurity Module EDR solution and we at Skyone welcomed the project with utmost attention so that the implementation of a new antivirus did not cause system downtime or blockages.

“It was a smooth implementation, my team together with the Skyone team acted responsibly, because when we install a new antivirus, there can be blockages, downtime in the system. We didn’t have this type of problem, it was implemented very well and was transparent for the end user.” – IT Manager at Nortis Group.

Greater peace of mind with an EDR solution

With the successful implementation, the group now has a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution, with artificial intelligence and which takes actions as needed, increasing barriers against ransomware attacks.

The reduced team also ceased to be a problem, as the partnership with Skyone offered the Nortis Group the peace of mind of having a team specialized in Cybersecurity to take care of the environment – ​​the Skyone Cybersecurity Module team.

“Skyone’s cybersecurity module brought a peaceful sleep to the area manager!
With Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technology, there is greater peace of mind for those who take care of the area.” Gustavo Tonin – IT Manager at Nortis Group.

Learning from the past and looking to the future

To conclude our conversation, Gustavo adds that the construction market requires the use of a lot of data to make decisions and explains a little more about previous experiences that were decisive in the search for the Skyone Cybersecurity Module EDR

“I have already experienced a ransomware attack in the past and the equipment on which I had an EDR tool with artificial intelligence was not affected, the equipment that did not have this tool were all affected. For me this was a turning point, I no longer use basic market tools and since I joined here my focus has been to bring a cutting-edge tool.” – IT Manager at Nortis Group.

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