FWC is now Skyone!

Understand what happens after the acquisition.
fwc is now skyone

On April 9, 2024, FWC was acquired by Skyone , combining expertise and values ​​to offer innovative and efficient solutions that benefit customers, employees and partners.

The merger was carefully thought out, aiming to transform the world through technology, maintain excellence in services, and promote a culture of collaboration and respect. Customers now have access to a single platform with cloud, data, cybersecurity and specialized services , with greater agility, security and reliability.

FWC will continue to operate normally during the transition, focusing on transparent communication and ongoing support. 

This transition represents an important milestone for us.

We are consolidating our digital presence to offer a more integrated and efficient experience for all our customers, in line with our purpose of impacting up to 1 million people by 2028. We now offer services and innovation to our customers on a single platform .

What does this mean for you?

Unification of Services: All FWC services and solutions, including ERP and cloud consulting, are now part of the Skyone platform.

Smooth Transition: We are committed to ensuring a smooth and transparent transition.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the transition further, please contact us by clicking here .

What happens to FWC support?

From June 18, 2024, FWC's Movidesk will be deactivated and all technical support requests must be made directly through the Skyone Platform .

Customers who came from FWC : For questions, access difficulties and/or other issues, contact us via email: customerexperience@skyone.solutions or via WhatsApp: (11) 94725-1769.

Together, let's build an even more promising future!

How can we help your company?

With Skyone, your sleep is peaceful. We deliver end-to-end technology on a single platform, so your business can scale unlimitedly. Know more!

Endless possibilities.

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Skyone is present in all sectors of the economy, acting in the invisible, making technology happen.

We offer productivity with cloud, data, security and marketplace on a single platform. We never stop so that companies from dozens of countries don't stop.

Skyone. One platform. Endless Possibilities.