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API Gateway

Today, data APIs are at the heart of digital evolution. Boost your business data connectivity with the API Gateway product-as-a-service that we've developed for your company. Create, manage and publish any type of Data API through an intuitive product that offers everything you need!


Monetize data at all levels of your business with API Gateway

Developing and publishing APIs is not a simple task to execute, and many companies end up failing in development, assuming unnecessary risks. With Skyone's API Gateway, you gain:


Facilitate secure system integration. Have governance and control over who can access the data and how they can be used

Speed ​​and Scalability

Eliminate potential errors and manual processes

Resource Optimization

Reuse information and developments, avoiding duplicate work


Explore data monetization possibilities and create an ecosystem around your business

About the Product

Discover API Gateway's features

The use of API Gateways facilitates the exchange of information in a standardized, efficient and secure manner. Without them, system integration becomes complex and time-consuming, requiring custom integration solutions and a lot of manual maintenance.

Low code

Development with pre-conceived low-code components

Trigger Mode and Gateway Mode

Trigger data flows or redirect traffic through the gateway

Data Pagination

Paginate large volumes of data to facilitate consumption

Data formatting

Format data to specific needs in JSON, XML, and CSV

Automatic Documentation

With one click, you can create, publish or export comprehensive documentation of your data flow


24x7 assistance in 3 languages with professionals available anytime, certified in the world's leading public clouds and with deep software knowledge


Access a monitoring dashboard and configure execution alerts, failures and timeouts

Profile and User Management

Manage the development team by defining and assigning profiles and creating users


Access a detailed set of end-to-end logs


Data interoperability with other Skyone products


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