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Data Warehouse

Together, storage and cataloging play a crucial role in effective information management. Skyone simplifies your operation like never before, enabling the storage, management, organization, cataloging and availability of data, all in one place !


Generate insights more easily to support decision-making at all levels of your business

New information is being generated in a company at all times It is data in systems, conversations with customers, software used by employees, customers and partners. With Skyone , you make the most of the value of your data, and also gain:


Correctly cataloged information available for audits. Data governance made much more efficient

resource optimization

Quick and uncomplicated access to all business data


New horizons based on decision-making based on quality data

About the Product

Discover the features of the Data Warehouse

The use of Data APIs facilitates the exchange of information in a standardized , efficient and secure . Without them, systems integration becomes complex and time-consuming, requiring customized integration solutions and a lot of manual maintenance work.

Files Organization

Have your data files organized and accessible


Using tags and metadata to facilitate information discovery

Infrastructure as a Service

Don't worry about the infrastructure, we take care of it for you

Connection to Dataviz

Easily provide data access to any Dataviz via API or files

Profile and User Management

Manage the development team by defining and assigning profiles and creating users


Data interoperability with other Skyone products


Who trusts our expertise

We revolutionize the operation of large companies in all market sectors


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Endless possibilities.

Everything in life is possibilities!

Skyone is present in all sectors of the economy, acting in the invisible, making technology happen.

We offer productivity with cloud, data, security and marketplace on a single platform. We never stop so that companies from dozens of countries don't stop.

Skyone. One platform. Endless Possibilities.