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We spoke to 3 IT leaders from different segments and with different challenges to understand, from their perspective, how we support the evolution of their businesses. Check out!
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We spoke to 3 IT leaders from different segments and with different challenges to understand, from their perspective, how we support the evolution of their businesses. Check out!

In 2023 we took a big step in our history, we launched a new brand and celebrated 10 years of Skyone, with a new positioning for the market: A unique platform, with Endless possibilities. We took advantage of this moment and invited 3 great leaders to understand, from their perspective, how Skyone supported the development of their business. Each leader with a different story and challenge... Regardless, we support these companies by delivering agility and efficiency in processes, expertise and, of course, the confidence of being able to count on us.

Check out each of these success stories in more detail below:

The end of concerns about Coplana’s infrastructure

The adoption of a new system, such as SAP, can always be a challenging time for IT professionals and it was precisely in a scenario like this that Coplana sought Skyone's expertise.

IT Manager Danilo Marçal, from Coplana Cooperativa Agroindustrial , wanted to replace his current management system with a SAP system, but he knew how delicate this change would be and how much it would demand from his team. This was no longer a problem, as the Skyone team supported the company in this process in an agile manner.

What he was looking for was consultancy for implementing SAP within the company, and his only objective was not to have to worry about the infrastructure.

While one of our partners took care of the system implementation, we at Skyone provided, through our platform, a secure and scalable cloud environment for the partner to deploy the system. After the project is completed, all care for the infrastructure is also part of our scope and that of our team of experts. The change brought accessibility to the Coplana team and the scalability that only Cloud Computing can offer.

“Today we can log in through the Skyone platform, in any web browser, so it's good because I don't need to install SAP or invent the wheel to make connections work as easily as possible for users, I have no worries today with my environment, because I know that here at Skyone it is scalable and I am sure that there are professionals looking at my environment 24/7, whatever I need the staff responds to me super quickly.” – IT Manager Danilo Marçal, from Coplana Cooperativa Agroindustrial

Optimizing management through a robust Cloud ERP

In the luxury furniture business for over 50 years, Breton has more than 20 stores around the country, having always used its own system that for a long time met the company's needs. However, with the expansion of the business, it was impossible to ignore the improvements that a more robust management system could offer. Therefore, in 2021 they invested in a more robust and cloud-based ERP.

For Breton, this was one of the first steps towards the digitalization of the company! The Head of Innovation, Victor Castro, says that there are no regrets, as the Cloud has eliminated many bottlenecks and problems with speed and availability in the system.

“There were several bottlenecks for us, right? And now this high availability always comes. So it's imperceptible. The system works, it doesn't stop. I have speed. I'm well on my way here. I don't need to worry about how it will be done. We have peace. In relation to this, we have peace, security. And all we need to do is grow our structure, our capacity.” – Head of Innovation, Victor Castro, from Breton

Growth and cost management in retail dynamism

For a company with more than 240 stores like Petz, which operates in a segment as dynamic and challenging as Retail, one of the keys to maintaining development is undoubtedly the good management of resources and efficient processes.

Petz 's CIO Claudia Marquesani, she told us that when the company arrived at Skyone they were at a time of change and digitalization, seeking to start their migration to the Cloud, and, in this process, the partnership was crucial. We look in depth at Petz's processes and technologies, applying the FinOps practice to understand business costs and help with growth and scalability, in addition to, of course, Cybersecurity.

“Skyone is taking care of our Cloud, supporting us in applying work that we call FinOps, to really understand the costs of this technology and look at how the cloud can be contributed and implemented within our business to generate savings”. – CIO of Petz, Claudia Marquesani.

Furthermore, it highlights the value of being able to count on a company that is with you on a daily basis, that understands the business and its particularities, and that can guide the best actions according to the situations that arise. And this is how Skyone supports its customers on a daily basis, making them, on the other side, feel safe with our platform.

Simplifying processes and impacting the day-to-day lives of companies, regardless of the segment!

Whether through consultancy, Cloud Migration, application of concepts and methodologies to improve management and even cyber security, Skyone presents itself today as a company capable of adapting to the most different segments, deeply studying their particularities to offer value.

With a flexible, modular and fully adaptable platform, we deliver freedom and knowledge for digital evolution that directly impacts data management, operational efficiency and business expansion itself.

See how our other clients also explore endless possibilities for their businesses!

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