Skyone and Kestraa: Simplifying complex foreign trade processes


About Kestraa

Kestraa was born in 2017 focused on the development of technological solutions for foreign trade – known as Global Trade – such as import and export . Focusing mainly on the management aspects that are quite complex and broad, being a very sophisticated operation.

Founded by Isabel Nasser and Marcelo Matos, who have more than 20 years of experience in the field of foreign trade, and have worked together in several companies with large operations in the sector, having great experience in the area. From the experience gained over time, they realized that a sector with so many aspects and minutiae needed more technology so that operations could be better managed. in-house solutions for the companies they worked for, they began to think about how to take the innovations they felt needed abroad.

After research, they understood that the demand for innovation and technology in the sector actually existed, and thus Kestraa was born, with this perception that companies really wanted tools to work more fluidly and could not find them. Currently, the company has launched its new product, Kestraa Export to provide an even more complete view of real-time processes for exporters.  

Its work model is SaaS and within the platform, the client has a complete view of the management of everything related to foreign trade operations. The company currently has more than 50 people on its team and continues to look for ways to help companies with their technological processes.  

Today the company serves customers of different sizes and sectors, from enterprise to small companies that seek technological solutions to support their work. Among its clients are Ambev, which was the company's 1st client, Whirlpool, Evino – one of the largest wine importers in Latin America -, Roche – a large pharmaceutical company, among other names.  

Integration for better operations 

When talking about foreign trade, ERPs do not always have specific modules for the sector or, when they do, they have few functions and do not cover the complexity of the segment. However, from a certain point on, it is common for the company to manage its operations through a management system, whether they are the largest and known or not.  

For companies, it is essential that their information talk to each other and, because they are not together, there is the rework of someone on the team having to enter the data more than once, in addition to the possibility of confusion and management problems. All of this ends up resulting in wasted team time, lack of organization and flow problems.

ERPs do not process information, they generate it and then finalize it, which is why companies need to buy a specialized solution, which is a very big trend for complex matters. However, there is an important exchange of data between the ERP and the foreign trade module. If it doesn't happen, if you don't have this integrated, you will have a duplication of activities and you will have to do things in two different systems. Integration is necessary. Isabel Nasser – CEO & Founder

Integration is necessary in several ways for Kestraa, 2 of the main ones mentioned by Isabel are: 

  • Enable the product itself. Without integration, the product is not 100% delivered the way the customer needs it;
  • As an entry barrier, once you are integrated with the client module, you are talking about several subjects, sending information from Kestraa to areas other than foreign trade, helping the strategic part as a whole.

For these reasons, Kestraa understood that it would be more efficient in its work to have a partnership with a company that has a platform specialized in integrations and that is how they ended up with Skyone developed by Skyone. 

Specifics of ERP and the need for integration

Another point of great relevance is that, in order to adapt to the ERPs internally, the team needs to focus on it to assemble its structures, however, this takes time and there is no possibility of spending that time dedicated to everyone. For this reason, they decided to focus on their foreign trade expertise and establish a solid partnership that generates scale and speed to respond quickly to the situations of customers arriving with their various ERPs.  

In the beginning, the company sought to do the integrations for customers internally and they realized that the learning curve was long and they needed more time for the project itself and less spent on the necessary integrations. 

The main difficulty we had was understanding the business flow of each ERP, as the same transaction is carried out, such as payments, for example, they are always the same for all customers as it is part of the routine. However, the way each ERP carries out this process is absolutely different and it is not possible to transfer from one to the other. When encountering business problems during implementation, we need to take steps back – Isabel Nasser – CEO & Founder

Integration is something complex, with several ways to do it, it is necessary to do it in a scalable, efficient and exact way by those who understand and, the more specialized the team, the smoother the process. 

Kestraa and Skyone: combining expertise for the future

One of the main points of focus of the partnership is the need for integration to make the business viable. The union of expertise and with each one focusing on their specific area, with this the work flows in a more dynamic and scalable way. In addition, the union of the technical knowledge of each one makes the results much better.  

Kestraa's customers use ERPs Datasul, TOTVS Protheus, SAP, Oracle among others and integration is always a complex topic with many technical variables that are difficult to equate, and knowing that the Skyone team has expertise in this type of integration and that adherence of the technology developed by Skyone is 100% compliant, the synergy between the two companies was very evident. With the partnership, Kestraa can draw on experience with migrating ERPs to the cloud, integrating cloud or hybrid systems and cybersecurity, all in one place.   

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