Inovage Group delivers projects with 50% more agility with the Skyone platform

Through Skyone's integration gateway, Inovage delivers S/4 HANA projects with 50% more agility.

Who is the Inovage Group?

Inovage is an SAP Gold Partner company specializing in SAP ERP solutions, both B1 and S/4 HANA, and in tax solutions with Thomson Reuters
. Focused on adding value to the client's business, with highly competitive solutions for management and operation, Inovage currently has more than 20 representative channels around Brazil and several branches spread across the country.

Even though they serve the most different market segments, the manufacturing industry sector stands out in its operations, with 60% representation in the company's business.

Inovage's partnership with Skyone began through our cloud environment migration and management platform, which allows the company to deliver ERP and tax solutions already hosted in the cloud to its clients. In this conversation with Marcos Corrêa, CEO of Inovage, he tells us a little more about the systems integration partnership and the Integration Gateway and how it impacted the delivery of the company's projects.

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Traditional integration: a challenging and high-cost scenario for Inovage

Until the adoption of the systems integration tool, Inovage carried out its integrations in a traditional way, following the standard process with the functional specification and with the support of developers to deal with Front-end and Back-end issues and also a developer specialized in system of the client in question.

As a result, they faced high development costs and needed long deadlines to prepare projects, generating customer dissatisfaction. On top of that, maintenance was also a problem, as it is often carried out by a different professional than the one who carried out the integration in the beginning. In these cases, the other professional ends up not understanding the project so well and often the documentation is not enough to support this professional.

Despite some resistance, Systems Integration with Skyone was a game changer

In benefit of the strong partnership with Skyone, Inovage decided to expand the digital evolution project through our Systems Integration solution. Corrêa says that, at first, there was reluctance on the part of his team of developers:

“It is important to highlight that sometimes developers have a lot of resistance with iPass solutions, it is a cultural issue. They fear that the solution will take away some of their freedom and that their work will be limited to just filling out registrations. But today we have a completely different scenario, from the first project the team saw a lot of value in the integration solution and realized that in fact their expertise and knowledge would be even better used. They are no longer busy with operational issues and bring a more strategic perspective. Today, they even encourage executives and the commercial team to sell projects with Skyone’s integration solution.”

– Marcos Corrêa, CEO of Inovage.

And it is undeniable how much Skyone's Systems Integration tool has brought improvements to the delivery of Inovage projects. Since the first integration there has been a 60% reduction in development time and a 50% reduction in project delivery time to the client. The development team can also optimize its resources by up to 30%, resulting in significant cost savings.

It is important to highlight that Inovage uses a very important feature of the Skyone solution, which is the Integrations Gateway. Through the tool, they increased the reach of their integrations, being able to make them available on a marketplace or simply replicate integrations for projects that have similar profiles. The Gateway played a crucial role in all the improvements achieved and even represents a new line of business.

One integration, many possibilities for Inovage

Today, Inovage carries out, with much greater agility, the development of portals integrated with SAP ERP solutions, which often need to transact integrations with legacy systems, analytics solutions or even some CRM.

For the company's business, there was a reduction in costs, deadlines and improvements in the delivery of the company's projects.

“The Skyone platform itself already generates all the technical documentation from the beginning, this also meant that we reduced our dependence on the next step. Today, the client himself has started to be involved in the integration process, because he wants to have the consultancy of an integrator as a strategic partner, developing the interface. At the same time, I want this environment to belong to the client.”

– Marcos Corrêa, CEO of Inovage.

Without a doubt, Inovage, having a strategic partnership like these, has opened up a range of possibilities that the manual process did not previously allow. For us, it is these success stories that make us believe in the importance of digital evolution to improve process efficiency.

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