Presence delivers projects in up to 40 hours thanks to partnership with Skyone

Presence speeds up the delivery of your projects using the Skyone platform data solution. Today, projects are delivered in around 40 hours.

About Presence

Presence is a company with more than three decades of experience in providing efficient solutions for retail, serving mainly large groups and fashion clothing companies. As they focus on the retail segment, the ERP solutions provided by the company have many particularities to address issues such as omnichannel, e-commerce and other resources aimed at clothing manufacturers.

Always in constant motion, Presence invests massively in cutting-edge technology to keep up with an extremely dynamic market that often involves highly critical projects for its clients' operations.

It was in the search for technology and process improvement that Presence came to us and together we formed a solid partnership that covers migration and management of a cloud environment and systems integration.

Paulo Sergio Palmerio, CEO of Presence spoke with us and detailed the impact that Systems Integration with Skyone had on the business. Continue reading and watch the video to understand all the details!

Systems Integration as a key to serving the retail market

“When creating environments for our customers, we face significant challenges. For example, companies currently demand high connectivity, especially when it comes to integrating diverse systems, and not only that, we need to integrate a large online CRM system and ensure omnichannel, along with the integration of e-commerce elements not only with the central ERP, but also with the points of sale. In this context, Skyone proved to be a valuable solution. Instead of developing custom code for all of these integrations, we now use a low-code platform to connect these disparate elements efficiently.” – Paulo Sergio Palmerio, CEO of Presence

It is against this scenario that Paulo Sergio Palmerio highlights that systems integration plays a fundamental role in serving the retail market. It is precisely the integration that allows companies to connect their systems, not only with customers' ERPs and CRMs, but also with some specific system modules that serve e-commerce, provide omnichannel resources and offer extremely complex clothing management resources.

With such relevance, Presence began looking for solutions to resolve this bottleneck, which also impacted the growth of the business as a whole.

Systems Integration with Skyone: a decisive point to bring more efficiency to processes

Before adopting Skyone, Presence faced significant challenges in systems integration. Initially, they tried to develop integration solutions internally, using APIs and custom code. However, this approach has become complex due to the diversity of platforms and the need for specific integration codes for each of them.

In a second step, Presence turned to companies specialized in integration, seeking to outsource the process. This, however, resulted in a lack of transparency and visibility of integrations, making it difficult to identify and resolve problems when they occurred, as Palmerico highlights in his testimony.

“We tried to solve integration difficulties in two different ways before, in the first, we had a platform that was an API on one side, like a VTex, for example, and on the other we had our APIs. We wrote a midway that was timed and hit the APIs and took data back and forth from the systems doing the integration. But with all different platforms, each one needs a different integration code. Secondly, as the demand for code development was high, we looked for companies specializing in this to carry out these integrations. So this connectivity midway was done through a third party, but we found a lack of transparency in the methodology used and we had no visibility of the integrations.” – Paulo Sergio Palmerio, CEO of Presence

In a scenario like this, the partnership with Skyone was a real turning point for the Presence team, bringing simplicity to the process, independence and total visibility of its customers' entire integration ecosystem.

Resources such as the Integrations Gateway make all the difference in delivering projects to the end customer

“With Skyone Systems Integration the scenario is different because the platform allows us to reuse integrations. If I have an integration with VTEX, for example, when I had to do it with Tray, I just need to use the same integration pattern.” – Paulo Sergio Palmerio, CEO of Presence

The Skyone platform brought an innovative approach to systems integration at Presence. The ability to reuse existing integrations saved time and provided consistency in the solutions offered. The Presence team can now create integrations faster, without the need to develop extensive code.

This transformation resulted in a significant improvement in project delivery for Presence’s clients. Previously, a manual integration project took up to 90 days, but now, with Skyone, projects are delivered in up to 40 hours. This allowed Presence to be much more agile in satisfying customer demands and, consequently, scaling its position in the retail market.

Skyone and Presence, a long partnership relationship. Get to know Systems Integration with Skyone too!

The partnership between Presence and Skyone has been a significant differentiator for Presence's success in the retail market. Skyone not only provides effective systems integration solutions, but also stands out for its commitment to exceptional quality, delivery and service.

“Several companies I know rank suppliers to win a prize of the year. I would tell you without a doubt if we did this here, that Skyone would be the number 1 supplier in quality, delivery, services, availability, service. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t talk about it in an interview.” – Paulo Sergio Palmerio, CEO of Presence

In summary, the adoption of the Skyone platform revolutionized the systems integration process at Presence, allowing the company to meet the complex demands of the retail market with efficiency, transparency and flexibility. The partnership between Presence and Skyone is an example of success in delivering technological solutions to the retail sector. If you are looking to improve systems integration in your business, consider Skyone as a reliable and innovative partner.

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