Tunesoft Tecnologia performs Tiino Software ERP Integration with support from Skyone


About the company

TuneSoft, a company that has been in the market for over 3 years, has as its core business the credit analysis service for small and large companies. The Tiino platform, a product developed by the company, aims to automate and standardize credit analysis processes, applying customized algorithms to each customer, classifying them and generating credit limits according to the analyzed profile.


With the arrival of new clients and the company's growth, it was necessary to look for a systems integration solution that would allow scaling the onboarding of clients and reduce the time between entering and generating results for the business. Gabriel Meyer – Architect and software developer at Tunesoft comments:

One of the major internal difficulties is the diversity of systems used by customers, there are hundreds of software on the market and each one with its own integration logic. Our biggest challenge is that most of our customers have little technical knowledge, the IT areas, for example, do not know the practices of HTTP or basic web communication and this ended up delaying our demands too much, we had customers with integrations that took almost 6 months to release and in many cases we developed the codes ourselves internally to speed up the process.

Gabriel also explains that even with all the explanatory documentation about APIS and integrations provided to customers, the difficulty was great in development and often his internal team provided customer support, taking up time they didn't have to try to serve the customer in the best possible way. 


The company came to Skyone after a vast search for solutions to its business problems in the software market.

After a search for technological solutions, we found iPaaS , after some meetings with the main companies in the field, we decided that Skyone would be our best option. Skyone was the only platform that offered us 100% availability of the tool to test completely free of charge, without bureaucracy or difficulties and for us this was extremely important in the purchasing decision. From the first interactions with the platform we were able to install agents, integrations and basic queries. The intuitiveness and ease of the tool are one of the benefits that caught our attention the most. software developer at Tunesoft.


Gabriel explains that one of the biggest benefits was solving his clients' integration problems with speed and security.

We had a situation with a specific client, where we had a lot of problems with the integrations, the project was not moving forward, we had been trying to resolve them for more than 3 months without success. With the arrival of Skyone, and in a short time, we were able to develop the integrations the way correct, today the project is running well, the client generates approximately 200 orders per day and has already exceeded the 3000 orders integrated by the platform. In addition to agility and time savings, Skyone brought us a significant improvement in the customer experience and in the onboarding of new projects, speeding up deliveries and consequently improving billing and increasing revenue.       

We are very satisfied with the tool and have many plans for the future, the idea is to use the Integrations and Data Flows platform to develop integrations for all our customers and future customers, this way we can make the management of integrations more assertive and certainly bring evolution and agility to internal processes. 

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