Project led by Sky.One to support more than 30 stores and 300 users, promoted a more stable environment and access, in addition to better performance, even facilitating the connection via 4G 

São Paulo, October 2021 Rede Asun de Supermercados , one of the main retailers in Rio Grande do Sul, migrated its ERP to the cloud with the help of Sky.One , a startup specialized in the development of technological platforms for the modernization of management software “The project, which involves the support of more than 30 Chain stores and 300 users, was made possible through the Auto.Sky , which, in this specific project, makes use of a database with Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The results are already perceptible and include a more stable environment and access, in addition to better performance, even facilitating the connection via 4G.

According to the Technology Area Manager of the Asun de Supermercados Network, Antônio Martins, before the migration, the retail chain had an on-premise model, in which the entire database and server area, for example, was allocated for the IT team, which took care of the entire process of monitoring the server and the data center environment. 

In addition, Rede needed to upgrade its Oracle license, and therefore understood that it was the ideal time to migrate to the cloud. “We had a workload that involved server constancy and the entire warranty contract part. We understood that we needed to migrate to the cloud. In this way, we have Sky.One 's expertise to help us meet all our new needs”, he says.

Fast, hassle-free deployment

DBMaster, one of the main providers of database management solutions in Brazil, and partner of Sky.One , contributed to the development of the project, as it helped in the management and structuring of the Network's database. In addition, it ensured compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), according to DBMaster 's Chief Technology Officer, Igor Silva. “This journey brought Asun access to Oracle database features and is helping a lot in processes related to governance, process optimization and tuning. In this last topic, we achieved excellent results with the use of features and also the possibility of adapting the Database layer regarding the LGPD ”, he explains.

Sky.One 's Retail Cloud Specialist , Paulo Rebello, emphasizes that the entire project was designed with the long-term migrating to the cloud “We created a migratory project for all structures, starting mainly with the ERP. Thus, we migrated the ERP Auto.Sky which , in the design of this project, uses Oracle Database services through Oracle Enterprise with Exadata. Now there are a series of “roadmaps” of implementing Oracle Enterprise solutions,” he explains.

Deployment took about 45 days. According to Rebello, before starting the process, the Sky.One carried out a connectivity test, which was decisive for validating the environment. Today, all areas of the Asun Network make use of the Auto.Sky , including purchases, store operations, finance and the distribution center, to update and use these environments. “Our goal was to enable a migration with quick access, easy adoption, faster environment and little impact for users, thus providing a cost reduction in the short, medium and long term”, he clarifies.

Agility, performance and security in the cloud 

For Martins, the migration to the cloud took a load off the IT area. “Business IT is different from problem-solving IT. This is a cultural issue, but when we take this range of servers and databases to Sky.One , we automatically free up the dedication of hours of technicians to this on-premise management, ensuring more space for the team to plan the next steps to be attacked. In addition, the project significantly optimized my own demand with contracts, since I no longer need to rely on disk and hardware suppliers”, he points out.

Martins also comments that, with regard to security and LGPD, having a protected environment, hosted in a data center, with data encryption and having a specialized team like Sky.One , responsible for all monitoring and backups, guarantees more security and tranquility. The unavailability that occurred before was also a critical point solved after the migration. “The issues have been resolved. Currently, we are more focused on projects, as we now have a robust ERP and infrastructure. The idea now is to look for partners and bet on innovation to differentiate ourselves from the standard”, he concludes.  

About Sky.One

We are a technology company that offers the software market several platforms of services that transform its management systems, from the evolution to the cloud to the expansion of services, creating, more and more, innovative experiences that increase the value of your system and your customer's experience. Founded by Brazilian entrepreneurs in 2014, today, there are more than a thousand customers in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and the United States, including names such as Hirota Supermercados, Philips do Brasil, Fundação Abrinq, among others. In addition to accumulating awards and seals such as: Top Startups LinkedIn, GPTW, leadership in three quadrants in the ISG Provider Lens™, innovation awards.  

About the Asun Supermarket Network

The Spanish Asuncion arrived in Brazil in 1960 accompanied by her family; in 1963, next to the family home in the Cavalhada neighborhood, in Porto Alegre, her husband Ernesto installed a warehouse named Asun in honor of his wife. Today, with more than two thousand and five hundred people in its staff, Rede Asun de Supermercados currently has 31 stores spread across the cities of Porto Alegre, Greater Porto Alegre and the Coast.  

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