The executive's arrival at the company aims to boost growth strategies and make the Sky.Simple platform even more present and relevant for the financial sector of medium and large companies in Brazil.

Bressan has more than two decades of experience in the financial market, having worked at large companies such as Carrefour, Banco CSF, Unibanco and Banco Alfa de Investimento.

Sky.One , a multiplatform company that supports companies to add intelligence and agility to their processes and the way they consume technology, has just announced the hiring of Luís Maurício Bressan as the new Director of Operations and Finance at Sky.Simple , a platform that provides financial solutions that streamline the relationship between commercial partners, facilitating access to prepayment of receivables via drawee risk operations. With a consolidated career in the financial market, the executive takes on a new challenge in the technology area with the aim of simplifying and strengthening the relationship between the company's customers and their respective suppliers and financiers.

According to Bressan, the Sky.Simple solution is an important connection link between Sellers, that is, suppliers demanding financing, Drawees, anchor companies that “lend” their credit quality so that their suppliers benefit from more competitive discounts and, consequently, preserve good financial health, and Financiers, who are increasingly careful in granting credit, wish to finance productive chains, but with a mitigated risk of default.

In this sense, the platform acts as a strategic lever in achieving good business for all involved. “I arrive at Sky.One to further improve the Sky.Simple solution, in order to identify the customer's pain and present the appropriate proposal for each reality and in a scalable way. All this, of course, in a simple, agile and automated way so that the customer can follow the entire process”, says Bressan.

The Supplier Portal is native to the Sky.Simple platform and eliminates manual reconciliation processes. In it, suppliers access information in real time, consult their relationship history and track details of all securities. “This resource developed by Sky.One promotes efficient management for the supply chain, relieves the customer's accounts payable team, reduces friction and offers integration with the main management systems on the market”, emphasizes the executive.

Bressan's professional trajectory

With vast experience in the financial area, Bressan's professional career as a manager began in 1999 at Banco Alfa. As Transfer Manager, the executive worked on important telecommunications financing operations and later on the implementation of the new Brazilian Payment System (SPB). “It was a revolution for the time. The PIX of the 2000s,” he reports.

The executive also had an outstanding stint at Unibanco, as manager of the bank's consumer operations, leading the administration of several bank reserves, accounts payable and accounts receivable from different business units. It was on this occasion that he met the current CFO of Sky.One , Rodrigo Tremante, with whom he met again at Carrefour, where he served as Treasurer until 2011.

After 13 years working in banks, Bressan took on a new challenge at Carrefour, now in the retail sector, where he was able to contribute with his banking experience to systematize processes in the segment, assuming the leadership of the Carrefour Group's withdrawal risk operation. On that occasion, the executive worked on the redesign of business management, transforming it into one of the largest Brazilian retail operations.

After 14 years with the Carrefour group, the opportunity to enter the technology segment prompted a new change of course in Bressan's career. “I got to know Sky.One 's work, I fell in love with the project, with the Sky.Simple platform, with the people and culture. That's why I accepted the challenge of being here, contributing with my knowledge so that our clients can revolutionize their businesses through technology and the drawn risk”, clarifies Bressan.

The professional also reinforces that his expertise in financial operations and capital markets has a lot to add to the platform. “I will use this experience to facilitate clients' access to different financing alternatives. I want to help our customers to have a better understanding of the product, make their day to day simpler, more agile and more integrated, not to mention the possibility of generating revenue and reducing friction with suppliers”, said Luís Maurício Bressan.

New opportunities

The new Director of Operations and Finance at Sky.Simple explains that in addition to helping customers in search of credit, the idea is to connect financiers not only with the drawn risk, but also with structured operations.

The executive's purpose, in line with the company, is for customers and suppliers to use the Sky.Simple platform to view the same information in a single place, but with due clarity of what interests each side. “Our goal is for technology to really be a support to ease the financial burden, in addition to bringing in financiers and building new business possibilities”, comments Bressan.

The platform already serves customers in the retail market, but the company is prepared to expand to other sectors such as agribusiness, services and industry. “Normally, a food retailer, for example, has many suppliers, of different sizes, with a large number of invoices issued against them. This sector prepared us to serve large volumes and now we are ready for any other segment”, ponders Luís.

The executive also aims to expand the level of governance of operations on the platform. “From the moment our solution assumes the governance of the supporting documentation, it becomes much more attractive not only for funders, but for potential investors. I have experienced this scenario in large corporations and I can contribute to the identification and elimination of any vulnerabilities”, points out Bressan.

The expectation is that the Sky.Simple team will grow around 40%, according to the performance of the business. The increase in the team is supported by risk-drawn operations and customer service.