Rossi Supermercados guarantees stability in its systems and cyber resilience with Skyone

We spoke with Laercio Soares, IT Infrastructure Coordinator at Rossi Supermercados, who shared details about the impacts of the Cloud, the partnership with Skyone and the benefits of Skyone Autosky for the business.
Rossi guarantees stability and resilience with Skyone

Who is Rossi Supermercados?

Founded in 1965, Rossi Supermercados is a family company that has built a solid trajectory in the supermarket sector. With a clear mission to seek the full satisfaction of customers, suppliers and partners, the company stands out for its customer-centric approach.

With 14 stores, strategically distributed in the East, West and North zones of São Paulo, and a CD and in-house bread manufacturing in the Ferraz de Vasconcelos region, the chain has modern facilities, competent staff and a family atmosphere that transform shopping into moments pleasant and pleasurable.

The network trusts the services of the Skyone platform to optimize its processes and thus direct its efforts towards expanding its business. We spoke with Laercio Soares, the company's IT Infrastructure Coordinator, who shared details about the impacts of the Cloud, the partnership with Skyone and the benefits of Skyone Autosky for the business. See more details from this conversation below!

System instabilities and slowness led to migration to the Cloud

Rossi Supermercados' decision to migrate to the cloud was driven by internal challenges related to database capacity and the slowness experienced by users. Laercio, Infrastructure Coordinator, explains:

“Our internal capacity, especially in relation to the database, was no longer being supported. Users frequently complained about internal slowdowns, and we experienced regular system outages. Although we had ensured the service was available internally for a while, there came a point where it became extremely difficult to deal with the situation. Given this, we opted to migrate to the cloud, seeking improved availability and an improvement in service quality.” – Laercio Soares, IT Infrastructure Coordinator.

The slowness perceived internally was directly impacting operations and team agility, which had a direct impact on the company's sales. Migrating to the cloud was, therefore, a strategic response to overcome these challenges and provide a more efficient and agile experience for users.

Rossi's team arrived at Skyone through a referral

Rossi Supermercados' path towards Skyone was driven by significant challenges with its former cloud provider.

Laercio, Infrastructure Coordinator, shared that the company faced a week of ERP downtime due to serious database issues from the previous provider.

Faced with these obstacles, the search for a reliable solution led to Consinco's recommendation of Skyone, marking the beginning of a solid, results-oriented partnership. The decision not only resolved past problems, but also paved the way for a robust and efficient technological environment, allowing Rossi Supermercados to focus on business growth and expansion.

“Skyone appeared as a recommendation from Consinco, which gave us more security. We already had this recommendation and, with our confidence in Autosky, we chose to migrate to a more stable and efficient solution.” – Laercio Soares, IT Infrastructure Coordinator

With the Cloud, the team can focus on expanding the company

The move to the cloud not only resolved existing issues, but also allowed the team to strategically direct its focus toward expanding the company. Laercio noted how freeing up operational concerns allowed for more strategic direction:

“By no longer worrying about the internal datacenter, we were able to free up more resources for the expansion of the supermarket. Since the migration, we have already opened four new stores, a direct reflection of the freeing up of labor for more strategic activities. Skyone has become a key partner in this process.” – Laercio Soares, IT Infrastructure Coordinator

Skyone Autosky: Information security on another level

Information security was a crucial aspect in the decision for Skyone. Laercio highlighted the cyber resilience provided by Skyone's complete infrastructure and the central role of Skyone Autosky:

“The 24/7 support and appropriate information security measures taken by Skyone take a huge burden off our team. This allows us to focus on strategic issues while Skyone effectively addresses security.” – Laercio Soares, IT Infrastructure Coordinator

Rossi Supermercados uses Skyone Autosky , from the Skyone Platform, which offers robust cybersecurity features, an exclusive feature of Skyone that provides peace of mind and confidence in protecting your data and operations.

Cloud and technology as essential for the future of business

Laercio's vision about the role of technology in the future of Rossi Supermercados is clear and strategic. It highlights the vital importance of the cloud as a key element for the company's evolution. The ability to quickly implement new services and systems is identified as a fundamental piece for decision-making agility, an essential element in a scenario of growth and expansion. Skyone, in this context, stands out not only as a cloud service provider, but as a partner that actively contributes to the achievement of the company's future objectives.

From Laercio's perspective, technology is not just a tool, but a catalyst for the success of Rossi Supermercados' expansion plans. The rapid implementation of services, enabled by the partnership with Skyone, not only optimizes internal processes, but also adds value to the company's decision-making process. This technological dynamism is considered a strategic differentiator, allowing Rossi Supermercados to face future challenges with innovation and efficiency.

Confidence and resilience with Skyone

Rossi Supermercados' experience with Skyone is described as 100%, highlighting the efficiency of technical support and the Skyone team's commitment to meeting the company's needs. Laercio concludes:

“The Commercial team has helped a lot with the negotiations, the technical team is very good, and the 24/7 support is always ready to help. We have no complaints. Skyone is a very good company, and I definitely recommend it! We are exploring the possibility of integrating new modules to further enhance our partnership and strengthen our operations.” – Laercio Soares, IT Infrastructure Coordinator

With this solid partnership, Rossi Supermercados continues to follow its path of growth, supported by Skyone's innovation and reliability.

This success story highlights not only the effectiveness of cloud migration, but also the importance of choosing a technology partner committed to customer success. Do like Rossi Supermercados, contact us and take the first step in the evolution of your business with the Skyone Platform.

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