Agrocafé – Most secure database in the cloud

We invite our client, Jose Luis, Commercial and IT Manager at Agrocafé , to tell us about the experience of being in the cloud. In this case , he reports the tranquility of having his backup in the cloud, in addition to reducing infrastructure costs.

1. About the company

Agrocafé is a company that works with intelligent solutions for agriculture. It has been 21 years of work carried out in the region of Minas Gerais , where the company gained credibility in coffee growing in the region through a work of excellence in the satisfaction of its customers.

It contributes to the growth of the region and coffee growing, investing and providing agronomists and professionals with experience and certificates. On a daily basis, they use ERP ALIARE, one of the main software for agribusiness in Brazil.

2. Challenges

To support its entire operation, Agrocafé had a completely internal server structure, that is, the support that supported the ERP was handled entirely internally. There were 2 servers, one for the database and one for the application, one on Linux and the other on Windows.

As a result, the company faced two major challenges: security and infrastructure depreciation.

The main concern was security regarding the vulnerability of the database to hacker attacks.

“The company had an attack problem, with the hijacking of the database in 2016, and this triggered an action that was to transfer the database to the Linux environment, to provide a little more security. But we understood that this was not the best solution, it was just what could be done at the time, and in fact it helped. But even so, we knew it wouldn't be 100% safe”, reports Jose Luis.  

Another problem was the issue of machine depreciation . It was time to change the servers, invest again in machines and infrastructure.

 “To deal with this internally, for a company the size of Agrocafé, which has a headquarters and a branch, it ends up being expensive. You need to reserve a physical space, you need to have air conditioning running 24/7, invest in state-of-the-art servers that last at least 6 or 7 years, so it is a high investment, both in hardware and operating system licenses. So there is a problem to be dealt with in relation to infrastructure, in addition to security”, explains Jose Luis.

3. Solution

The team had been talking to the Skyone commercial for a while to make the decision to move the entire structure to the cloud , as this was the solution capable of overcoming both challenges mentioned.

And before taking that decision, there was still a serious problem in the company's operation. 

We had a problem with a hacker again, a very serious attack, we already had two systems working internally and both were affected. I had hired a company that specialized in online backup, they put software running on my server and this backup was supposedly done in their cloud. We were invaded, I turned to the company and they were more desperate than us. The virus went up to their structure, contaminated their entire backup system, of all the customers they served, which were without recurrence. It was something that got desperate ”, recalls Jose Luis.

In the end, the company managed to recover the databases, but it was the most rustic way for a backup control, which needed to put the pen drive or external HD at different times to get a recovery area.

In the meantime, I already made contact with Skyone and the people immediately started putting together the project and adapting the cloud structure. And my proposal was: I don't want the local system, I want to work directly migrating with Skyone servers. The way the project was conducted was really cool, the ERP and Skyone support teams had a lot of synergy, and it was such a positive surprise that I was unsure in the first few days whether there wasn't some configuration or adjustment missing that needed to be done. Until then, 10! ”, comments Jose Luis.

4. Results

As a result of the migration, Agrocafé benefitted from important benefits: Discover the main ones!

Cloud security and backup

Guaranteed security in the cloud was an important benefit for the company, which now has a healthy database .

Today I no longer need to worry about backups. We know that even specialist structures and companies like Skyone can suffer attacks. But you have the best tools at hand to defend yourself. So it's a concern that we no longer need to have. Furthermore, from a financial point of view, the return is much clearer and more evident ”, highlights Jose Luis.

If before Agrocafé would need to have a technician dedicated to this issue and a physical structure always updated internally, now with the Skyone partnership and relying on the cloud, the company is able to maintain the highest standard of data security.

Remote access during the pandemic

Another important benefit was related to the scenario caused by the pandemic. 

We were able to leave 70% of employees working at home, and if this migration had not happened, we would either have had to take vacations or we would have needed to have a parallel control for when it was possible to work in the company, then we would have switched to the system. But today, with this structure, everyone takes their laptop home, opens the system and works anywhere as if they were working here ”, reports Jose Luis.

For the company's Commercial and IT Manager, this was a plus in the expected results .

We aimed at one target and ended up hitting another, because we know that other companies in the region have a local structure and did not have this possibility of remote access. They are suffering a lot for not being able to have the workers in person ”.

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