Soter Engenharia: migration to the cloud and the end of on premise


Soter Engenharia went through several complications with its physical structure. After a few cases, he made the migration with Skyone Autosky and no longer had any problems! Now, in addition to cloud application security, they also use Skyone's Cybersecurity platform to ensure the entire ecosystem is protected.

About Soter Engenharia

Over more than 55 years of experience in the Niterói civil construction market, Soter has accumulated more than 90 projects incorporated, 100% of them delivered on time, more than 6,500 units sold and currently has more than R$1.5 billion in land bank. 

Following the firm purpose of growing, uniting tradition and innovation, the company invests more and more in technology, launching differentiated, larger and more modern products.


Because it is an essentially traditional segment, civil construction companies do not have a technological profile. Following this pattern, until then, all Soter data was stored in the company itself and kept on-premise , limiting work, risking and making information security vulnerable.

With the arrival of the e-social and the need to send the files in the right time, the company went through a moment of trouble when it ran out of energy on the day the E-social was delivered, which was a first alert for them to realize the need to have a more available environment. Later, they had another issue with the CPD – Data Processing Center – which was damaged by third parties, leading to the conclusion that having only the physical structure is a big problem for companies and the security of their data.  

This series of intercurrences made them realize that, just as they were always looking for evolution in their work with civil engineering, they needed to be up-to-date in their work structure, so that nothing could hinder progress. In addition, the company needed to focus on the business, without having to worry about system instability and the possibility of a malfunction stopping all work progress for the entire company.  


As of 2018, there was a shift towards focusing on the business niche and the search for partners who had expertise in their specific areas, which is how Soter Engenharia arrived at Skyone to help in its IT area, providing security and organization for that its operation always remained online.

It was at this point that I found Skyone, which is a great partner of ours in relation to our IT arm, to bring us the security of knowing that our servers will be well stored, in the correct location and that our data is more protected than it was before. when they were here, as Liliane Maltez Garcia – IT Manager at Soter – tells us.

In 2019, the company became a Skyone partner by migrating its data to the cloud with Skyone Autosky. The process began in August and was completed in October and, less than 6 months after the migration, the COVID-19 pandemic began and the lockdown was necessary. At this moment, they were able to realize that the decision could not have been better, so that the company could continue working from home without suffering any impact, even with the office closed for months.  


The cloud offered a new world of possibilities for the company, in addition to streamlining work and allowing files and data to be accessed from anywhere, whenever necessary, other processes were implemented. Such as, for example, the reduction in printing files, the digital signature, the use of online systems, without the need for constant system updates on each machine where it was installed, contributing to the fluidity of the work. The result was agility, speed and the ease of maintaining the work. Currently, the work is to improve performance, Liliane explains:  

Going to Skyone was one of the first key turning points [for digital transformation] because IT work stopped being manual and now we have your work supporting us. Today, my legacy systems are in the cloud, people can use the system in the cloud, which was previously installed on machines

With the increase in the number of employees, the company changed its environment to Oracle Brazil, seeking even more performance and the possibility for everyone to use the cloud without problems with slowness or delays. The migration was carried out in May and the result was more than satisfactory, mainly with the performance of Skyone's technical team who carried out the entire process in a few hours, preventing the company from needing to stop its work for days so that everything was organized in the 7 company servers, which would require at least 1 week per server.

The environment, when we started with you, was in the USA and in a meeting, one of the Skyone technicians suggested that we migrate to Oracle in Brazil to improve latency. We migrated in May and, in fact, it was an excellent performance by you, we were down for just 3 hours, between turning off the old one and validating the new environment, it was super fast, explained Liliane.

In addition, the company managed to reduce the network latency that was 132 ms to 9 ms, concluding an important point that was focal. Now, they continue to upgrade operating systems, server designs, etc.  

Regarding the Skyone team and the work together, Lili highlights the complementary and supportive work with her team whenever she needs it:

They are super attentive and fast. I open a ticket and, in a maximum of 1 hour, the issue is resolved. If I need to clarify doubts, I contact the team or my customer service.  

The partnership is so strong that they have now acquired the Firewall service with Skyone's Cybersecurity . As we can see, technology is present in the various needs of companies.

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