SPR Sports Group ensures data security with Skyone and Alterdata

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SPR Sports

SPR SPORTS GROUP is a business group that operates on several fronts, such as brand management, licensing, product development and distribution channels, factory, import, supplier development and retail channel supply. 

On its licensing front, SPR performs integrated brand management, always focusing on growth within the Brazilian market – in search of the best result for licensors. In addition, the company develops specific products for the public in our country.  

The correct strategic positioning for each distribution channel is also part of SPR's work, from supply chain support (own production and imports) and the relationship with Brazilian suppliers. 

SPR SPORTS GROUP was looking for data security when it decided to opt for the Skyone solution. The company had experienced a ransomware attack within the cloud platform it previously used , and faced many setbacks as a result.

At the time, the group used a local cloud service offered by the software house in which they had 2 servers. The system, however, presented instabilities and generated several demands on the company's support team . And even though the ERP could be accessed online, the quality of the service did not meet the demands of SPR SPORTS, as explained by Rafael Rodrigues, IT Manager at SPR:

Today we have a percentage of users in home offices and another on-site, who access the Skyone Autosky via the web and are already directed to the ERP credentials, which makes it much easier. In other words, we work smoothly anywhere that has internet.

SPR Sports Challenges

The company's great challenge was the intermittency and instability of users' access to the SPR SPORTS platform , which caused slowdowns throughout the company's ERP system.

As a result, the IT team also faced setbacks mainly related to the difficulty in resolving the company's support demands , which received several requests for solving problems caused by the limitation and restriction of the company's access to a stable system.

The culmination of this challenge occurred when the company's computers were affected by a ransomware attack, causing the loss of important data and causing major disruption to management. Because of this, SPR SPORTS decided to hire the services of Skyone, a partner of Alterdata, its ERP solution.

Skyone Autosky Solution

SPR SPORTS already had a cloud platform, but instability and lack of data security led the company to seek a solution that best served its interests. 

After learning about Skyone Autosky's safety differences, the company's managers and employees chose to hire Skyone.  

They also gained in agility in the ERPs Bimer and ERP Pack, for their fiscal and accounting part, both Alterdata solutions, which manage to fully function within the contracted solution. The company's technology area has access to the servers – in an isolated and secure environment – ​​being able to complete tests and publish updates whenever necessary. The backup routine also became part of SPR's daily routine.  

Furthermore, the company can count on Skyone's team of experts, who trained, implemented and assists in the use of Skyone Autosky, passing on knowledge about the tool and the environment to the company's users. All of this generated a cultural reconfiguration of employees in relation to the technological vision.


In a period when cyber attacks are more and more frequent and the Brazilian economy is down, SPR SPORTS GROUP believes that it needs to direct its efforts towards new businesses, new strategies, reinventing itself every day. 

By relying on Skyone Autosky , the company managed to recover by overcoming a series of technical problems and directing its forces towards the company's growth. According to them, the change generated the following benefits:

  • Expert support
  • data security
  • Robustness in operations
  • system stability
  • ERP speed
  • backup routine

Ensure these benefits for your business too, get to know Skyone Autosky and have access to your system completely online and remotely!

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