MA Hospitalar and Skyone: integration in constant evolution

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MA hospital integrated its internal platforms with Skyone and now has a complete infrastructure.

MA Hospital

MA Hospitalar is a company from Porto Alegre with 22 years of experience in the healthcare segment. Its core business is to enable health professionals and services to use technologies capable of saving lives, delivering personalized solutions to hospital systems and clinics in surgical centers, outpatient clinics, intensive care units, among others. The company has 203 employees and has partnerships with the best healthcare companies on the market, such as: GE Healthcare, Hillroom, Medtronic, Amoul and many others.

Skyone's first project with MA Hospitalar involved the integration of internal Zoho CRM platforms with the company's Power BI. The main objective was to deliver more assertive data management and optimize the commercial team's decision-making, facilitating access to relevant business information, so that it was integrated. As a second phase of this project, the integration of the Bionexo system – an online quoting tool for hospitals – with the TOTVS Protheus ERP is carried out.


MA Hospitalar underwent restructuring in its IT area and in other areas. As a result of this process, the need to implement new technologies was perceived, with the aim of having a 360 view of your business and being able to scale more easily, generating growth.

Eduardo Costa Machado – IT Manager at MA Hospitalar account

After restructuring the IT team, we realized that we were dealing with a big challenge. We had many integrations developed internally by former employees who, when they left, did not leave clear documentation or support for project monitoring. We realized that we didn't have good internal management and one of the main problems was that we didn't find out if, by chance, there were errors in the integrations. This only happened if users opened tickets with support requests. We didn't have real-time monitoring of errors and problems that might exist. This made us very reactive and affected the quality of the end customer's experience.

Solution: integration for fluid services

Skyone's iPaaS platform because of the ease in creating and replicating modules and integrations , and for its Low-code structure that allows the development of integrations from pre-designed components that the product offers. With Skyone, MA Hospitalar was able to individualize and automate data flows and monitor integrations in an aggregated and segregated manner.

We discovered Skyone through the recommendation of two of our partners. We completed a project to migrate our ERP TOTVS Protheus to the cloud , which was a success, and then we met Skyone. Initially we wanted to have a Zoho CRM connector with Power BI, something we had already budgeted for with another company, but with the extremely high cost and a scope of more than 100 hours for this project we saw that it was not viable for us at the moment. When we discovered Skyone Solutions' iPaaS, in addition to the good value for money, the usability and ease of the Low-code tool interested us a lot, and then we understood that we had found the right platform for our challenges, says Eduardo Costa Machado – IT Manager .

Integration Results

The project was a success and achieved many positive results. Among them, the productivity gain in the implementation of new integrations, the reduction of complexity with the use of a low-code platform and the optimization of the process as a whole, in addition to the easy management of integrations and provisioning of errors in real time.   

With the integration of Zoho CRM and Power BI – MA Hospitalar's internal ERP -, the benefit was the processing of data and the effective consolidation of bases, providing the correct information with agility and assertiveness to help the commercial team in decision-making.

Gabriel Hochmuller Costa – Data Analyst at MA Hospitalar account

“The project is constantly evolving, and our goal for the future is to concentrate 100% of our internal integrations with support from Skyone. In total, today we have more than 30 integrations ready for migration with Skyone's iPaaS platform.

Gabriel also comments that the tool made it easier and saved time on a daily basis and that the platform's ready-made connector ecosystem saved a lot of work for the internal team.

The most interesting thing is that with little technical knowledge we were able to monitor and maintain the necessary integrations, in addition to having all the visualization of consumption per integration within the platform, bringing evolution and speed to internal processes, concludes Gabriel Hochmuller Costa – Data Analyst from MA Hospitalar .

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