Tijuca Alimentos and Skyone: control and deliveries


Tijuca Alimentos integrated its Totvs Protheus and internal management software and now keeps all data cadence and organization available.

About the company

Tijuca Alimentos has been in the food market for over 50 years and currently has approximately 2400 employees. It is the largest egg producer in the state of Ceará and is currently in constant growth, always valuing the social values ​​of the company and its employees, generating a lot of engagement.


Tijuca Alimentos operates in the agribusiness vertical with a focus on agriculture and, with the advanced growth in demands, the company is migrating to a market ERP. To achieve this, they implemented TOTVS Protheus to run mainly in the backoffice area. However, there was a high demand for secure integrations and the guarantee that information reached all destinations without errors. “So we started looking for case of iPaaS platforms and arrived at Skyone”, comments Danilo Veloso Lopes, IT Manager at Tijuca Alimentos.

Furthermore, they looked for another way to carry out the processes they needed. At first, we thought about creating our own integration tool. However, with the programmer market very hot, we realized that in this way we would put the good progress of the project at risk. And, the desire to have a manageable and low-code platform caught our attention, he says.


Its main objective was to have control and the possibility to identify problems before they could reach the end customer. Precisely with the integrations flowing and the monitoring in real time, the search was for a solution that would fit this scenario and could collaborate so that the data was always available.  

Having already been a Skyone partner for 4 years using the Skyone Autosky , the company's cloud solution, and due to constant communication with the commercial team, Tijuca requested a presentation on Integrations and Data Flows and since then, together, they have agreed that the platform Integration iPaaS as a Service would be ideal for the demand they have.

Using ERP TOTVS Protheus and also other software for internal demands and needs such as feed production, egg production, slaughterhouse production. In addition to billing processes such as the sales force, invoices, sales, etc., it was necessary to have an integration that maintained the cadence and organization of the data and that everything was always available in real time.  


One of the first results to be noticed was the productivity gain in the implementation of new integrations, the reduction of complexity with the use of a low-code platform and the optimization of the process as a whole, because they were able to abstract many steps that had become unnecessary.

The implementation was uncomplicated, it was carried out with the support of the Skyone team in partnership with Tijuca employees and, on a day-to-day basis, as they used the platform, doubts were resolved so that the implementation could flow smoothly. 

We have a large team of junior developers who do not have much knowledge of the legacy system, so we had the idea of ​​including them in the implementation of the platform, which worked very well since Skyone's iPaaS is a low-code platform in addition to being very intuitive, they are doing very well and feeling happy to deliver results. Danilo Veloso Lopes, IT Manager at Tijuca Alimentos.

Currently, the company is already using the platform and seeing it flowing in a positive way. For the future, it intends to integrate all software from all areas of the company into the platform, having a 360 view of all processes and directly impacting employees and end customers.

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