Panasonic and Skyone: Salesforce CRM integration with SAP


About Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese consumer electronics company. Founded in 1918 as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Panasonic was also developing an older product line called National, which initially manufactured home appliances, personal appliances, and industrial appliances. The company began its activities in Brazil in 1967, importing and selling batteries. It currently has manufacturing units in Manaus and São José dos Campos and Extrema.

Panasonic and Skyone together

The integration project between CRM Salesforce and the company's SAP ERP optimized the Sales sector, promoting greater agility in the order entry process. With the implementation of the Skyone platform, Panasonic guaranteed security in information traffic and reduced integration implementation costs.

São Paulo, March 2023 – With the aim of automating orders and sales orders from end to end (from CRM to ERP), Panasonic, an electronics manufacturer, adopted the Integration platform from Skyone, a technology company that supports companies to add intelligence and agility to their processes, simplifying the way they consume technology.

Before the integration process carried out by Skyone, Panasonic used its own tool, created by the company more than 10 years ago and which, therefore, was obsolete, in addition to demanding dedication from the team who ended up not focusing on specific demands.

There were several complaints from our users, which motivated us to look for a solution. In this sense, the Skyone Data platform added know-how to the operation that optimized time and cost, said General Manager IT at Panasonic do Brasil, Marcio Ito.

The executive also comments on how the project's architecture process took place.

We needed a solution that guaranteed end-to-end traffic security, from CRM Salesforce to ERP SAP, that's when we found Skyone, the platform that best suited our needs. In addition to being light, simple and quick to implement, the decisive factor for the choice was the support from the Skyone team, committed and engaged so that the project could be implemented successfully, comments Marcio Ito.

Regarding the internal development of integrations, Skyone's head of sales and marketing reiterates that this is a process that usually takes a lot of time and costs for companies.

In addition to the time allocated for implementation, in cases of maintenance, it is necessary to allocate a team for the repair, which can disrupt the flows, since the systems are disconnected for a period. With the data separated, each one in its own system, the flows are not matched and the negotiation decisions take longer to happen. For this reason, it is essential to have a specialized team to speed up the integration process, he comments.

In this context, with Skyone joining, Panasonic estimated a reduction of around 40% in the time, and consequently, in the cost of implementing integration.

long-term partnership

This, however, was not the first partnership between Panasonic and Skyone.

Our first project, very successful by the way, was in 2018, in which part of our SAP was migrated to AWS, through the Skyone Autosky platform. highlighted the General Manager IT at Panasonic do Brasil.

Such satisfaction motivated Panasonic to request that Skyone be the company's official integration platform in Brazil.

This request is in the process of being internally approved, in order to integrate all other systems with the ERP. Especially in the case of e-commerce, our expectation is that the entire integration will be 100% completed by Black Friday, said Marcio Ito.

Márcio also comments on the importance of integration for the ERP transition that should happen soon, reinforcing that there are future plans to further expand the alliance between the companies.

Panasonic must migrate from SAP B1 to SAP S/4Hana. They have completely different interfaces and reconstructions and reconnections will be necessary, not only of the interfaces, but also of satellite systems with SAP. In this way, Skyone Data will play a fundamental role in streamlining and collaborating in this process, reducing risk and implementation costs, as well as offering even more scalability to the business”, he concludes.

Roberto Arruda, CRO at Skyone, highlights the company's purpose of being close to the company's team, offering the best structure and support:

Panasonic operates in a demanding, complex and competitive market. We at Skyone aim to simplify the use of technology and help Panasonic scale its business while reducing costs.

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