Systax and Sky.One partner to facilitate tax data migration

While Sky.One enable migration to the cloud for several ERPs, Systax will provide technology and daily update of taxation rules.

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Systax aims to support companies in their taxation challenges, combining technology and tax knowledge,
delivering risk reduction, process improvements, agility and savings.
Its differential is to unite technology and tax knowledge, being the only company that maintains an updated base with more than 22 million rules, covering all economic sectors and the 27 UF.

computing service provider Sky.One announced a partnership with the intelligence company Systax  to optimize the process of migrating tax data to the cloud.

According to the brands, while 'Sky' will perform the migration to the cloud of data stored in different ERPs , Systax will provide technology and daily update of taxation rules to users of these solutions. 

“The cloud natively offers a much easier and safer environment to connect the ERP to a very wide variety of solutions that enrich customer data and allow the adoption of digital innovations, which promote the differentiation of their products and operations. We will provide ERPs an automated, efficient and secure tax consulting solution”, says Caio Klein, Co-founder of Sky.One .

Initially, the companies will offer the partnership to retailers or companies that sell a wide range of goods . For the future, the duo hopes to leverage the use of the automated tax consulting solution and add new customers to the ERPs that benefit from the partnership. 

“Automating the tax area of ​​companies is becoming increasingly necessary, especially when taking into account risk mitigation and time optimization. We are happy to be able to support Sky.One this offer and we are sure that the modernization of the ERPs will bring better results than expected”, emphasizes Jerson Prochnow, CEO of Systax.

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